theNewsWorthy: Thursday, December 27th, 2018


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Pilot Shortage: "A lot of the pilots that are currently flying actually came form the military, and one of the issues that airlines are facing is that the military is not actually hiring that many more pilots because of new technology because of drones."  - Bobby Laurie

Dating Apps: "Before they used to say 1 in 5 marriages began with a dating site, and now that number has increased to 2 or 3 out of 5 marriages begin that way." - Damona Hoffman

Self-Driving Cars: "They won't have steering wheels, they won't have gas pedals and brakes, all of that will be controlled autonomously by the system. We can customize that environment any way we want. We could put a desk in there and work, we could put a bed in their in sleep." -Shawn DuBravac

Volcano Eruption: "A lot of people get ideas about volcanoes from the movies. People think the lava is runny enough that we can divert it or put water on it... that's fueled by Hollywood wishful thinking." -Shannon Kobs Nawotniak

Shark Week: "We literally risk our lives to give you these shows. This is no joke... You can't have a support network when you're 110 feet down below the surface surrounded by four male Great White sharks." -Paul de Gelder

Money & Millennials: "From today, start tracking expenses going forward if you want to get a stock of what you spend today, and then you can start creating a plan going forward on what you'd like to spend and what's reasonable for the money that you bring home." -Jamila Souffrant

Space Force: "This is a major undertaking. It's only happened one other time in our nation's history where we created a new military service and that was back in 1947 where Congress created the Air Force. This is something similar the President is talking about now." -Todd Harrison

Royal Wedding: The royal family is very much a source of tourism there, so not only did they grow up caring about the royals, but it's a source of business and brings people to the country... So you had beauty, you had grace, you had Hollywood and real royalty, it all turned out great."  -Lauren Zima