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A big update to that immigration crisis: President Trump has now signed an executive order to keep families together. The president changed course from his earlier plans when he said Congress must be the one to fix the issue. Remember: there’s been public outcry over families being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border.

So what does the new order say?

Basically, that adults and their children who cross the border illegally should be detained in federal custody together, until they’re either deported or granted asylum. President Trump says the new order still doesn’t change the new 'zero tolerance policy' itself; they’ll still be prosecuting and detaining as many people crossing the border as possible, whether they’re with kids or not.
So not everyone’s happy. The new order violates a past court settlement that said migrant children can’t be detained. There may be a lawsuit over this. Some immigration advocates would rather see the families let go until a set court date, which is often how it worked before. Others say many people weren’t showing up for those court hearings.
What about the 2,300 kids who were already separated from their parents over the last few months? NBC News says they might not be reunited right away. Officials have said it’ll happen as soon as possible, but there aren’t many details available. At the same time, some lawmakers are still trying to get a broader immigration bill passed.

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Disney and Comcast are going head to head in an effort to buy 21st Century Fox. They're seemingly taking turns to offer billions more than the other. This week Disney raised its original bid by 35%, to more than $71 billion. That tops the latest offer from Comcast: $65 billion. We’ll see if Comcast comes back with yet another counter.

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Actor Kevin Spacey may be back on the big screen this summer. Remember, he hasn’t been seen since accusations of sexual harassment and assault.
Now, the company behind the movie Billionaire Boys Club says they’re leaving his part in. Vertical Entertainment says the scenes were shot 2.5 years ago, before the accusations, and they don’t want one person’s behavior to keep everyone else involved from seeing the film's release. CNN says it’s expected in theaters in August.

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You now have another option to get a movie theater subscription: AMC Theaters just came out with AMC Stubs A-List. For $19.95 a month, you can go to three movies a week (use them or lose them each week) for a total of up to 12 movies a month (plus the other benefits of AMC’s rewards program).
It’s in response to MoviePass. MoviePass gives you unlimited movies at the theaters for only $9.95 a month, but the catch is that you have to buy tickets last-minute.
The new AMC program is available starting June 26th.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"There is a good chance that your interests will change over time. You are free to seek out new passions."
From Optimal Health Daily



You might be offered a subscription on Facebook, specifically within Facebook groups. The social site is testing the feature right now. TechCrunch says it means group admins can offer exclusive content and perks to subgroups of members who sign up and pay.
The fee can be anywhere from $4.99 to $29.99 a month. That could mean you pay to get extra video tutorials or support from your favorite groups. We’ll see if it does well enough for Facebook to keep it going and roll it out to more people.

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Instagram says it now has one billion monthly active users! Also, in Instagram’s big announcement yesterday: we got the details of IGTV (Instagram TV). It’s going head-to-head with YouTube.
IGTV will be allowing videos up to an hour long, and similar to YouTube, anyone can upload them. A key difference: all the videos are vertical and made for mobile. IGTV has its own app you can download (iOS / Android), and it’ll be rolling out on the Instagram app itself.
CNBC says the company is “staffing up” to check for controversial content. For now, there are no ads.

PS: One of us tried it out and uploaded a video on IGTV if you want to check it out -- let us know what you think.

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Today is the first official day of summer and the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (a.k.a the day that has the most daylight!). 
USA Today says cities like LA, Dallas, and Atlanta will have more than 14 hours of daylight today. Anchorage, Alaska will get 19 hours. 

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CSIS Space Threat Assessment

with guest:

Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison is the director of the Aerospace Security Project and the director of Defense Budget Analysis at CSIS. As a senior fellow in the International Security Program, he leads the Center’s efforts to provide in-depth, nonpartisan research and analysis of space security, air power, and defense funding issues. He has authored publications on trends in the overall defense budget, military space systems, civil space exploration, defense acquisitions, military compensation, military readiness, nuclear forces, and the cost of overseas military operations.

Mr. Harrison frequently contributes to print and broadcast media and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, NPR, Al Jazeera English, C-SPAN, PBS, and Fox News. He teaches classes on military space systems and the defense budget at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a class on the defense budget at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. He is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing, and a member of the Defense News Advisory Board.



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