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President Trump’s talk about Russia just got tougher. 

President Trump sat down for an interview on CBS News to discuss his private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week. He told CBS he does think Russia meddled in the 2016 election and says he told Putin, “We’re not going to have it.” 
Remember: President Trump has been dealing with some backlash from some members of both parties over his initial response after the meeting in Helsinki, Finland. During a joint press conference, he seemed to shy away from criticizing Putin. Since then, the president said he misspoke.

Thensomething else the White House says was a miscommunication. Fox News says a reporter asked if Trump thought Russia was still targeting the U.S today. Reporters say Trump appeared to answer “no,” which would contradict what the FBI director says, but the White House press secretary said Trump was actually saying no to answering any more questions.
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There are new details about a Russian woman living in the U.S., charged with working as a Russian agent. The charges say Maria Butina even tried to trade sex for influence while trying to get a job with a U.S. special interest organization. NBC News reports investigators believe she had a Russian handler.
Her lawyer says she’s just a foreign student who was networking and hoping for better relations between the two countries. She pleaded not guilty in court yesterday, and is now in jail without bail.
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The 12 young boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand for more than two weeks are finally back home. They were released from the hospital and doctors say they’re all in good health.
All 13 of them took part in a press conference yesterday and were waving and smiling. Reuters reports they described telling each other to stay calm and took turns digging at the cave walls in the hopes of getting out. They didn’t have any food, so they drank only water dripping from the rocks in the cave for nine days before divers found them and brought food. They described that moment when they heard the divers’ voices as “magical.”
Remember, the boys and their coach were in the cave an additional week while rescuers figured out how to get them out, and then took three days to rescue all 13. The boys thanked all the divers, doctors, and volunteers who helped.
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Google just got hit with a record-breaking $5 billion fine in the EU, and may have to pay more.
CNBC reports the European Union fined the company for allegedly abusing its power in the Android smartphone marketWhat does that mean, exactly? Well, EU officials say Google was making deals with manufacturers and forcing smartphone makers to pre-install Google apps, like Chrome and Search, in order to get access to the App Store.
The Wall Street Journal reports the $5 billion fine is 40% of Google’s net profits last yearGoogle plans to fight back and appeal the decision, saying smartphone makers can and do pre-install other apps all the time.
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Samsung may be launching a foldable-screen smartphone as early as next year. The Wall Street Journal is citing sources saying it has the codename “Winner.” Its screen is 7 inches, like a small tablet, but the screen can be folded in half like a wallet. Even while it’s folded, you can see a small display bar.
Reports say unlike those old flip phones, this device would be pretty much all one screen when it’s openso the screen itself folds. Samsung, the world’s largest phone maker, isn’t confirming this yet. We’ll see if it’s ready by next year.
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A big win for the reusable rocket company, Blue Origin. TechCrunch reports a launch this week was a critical test for its space vehicle called New Shepard, and the company says all went well.

There was just apparently a test dummy named "Mannequin Skywalker" on board for now, but Blue Origin says there could be a human crew ready for tests as early as the end of this year.

Blue Origin is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.
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Speaking of Amazon, it’s teaming up with the car company Hyundai to create virtual showrooms. As in, you basically can shop online for cars using Amazon Vehicles. CNET says users can book test drives and check local dealer inventories and get a bunch of other info about the cars, complete with Amazon’s typical five-star rating system.
The companies say they’re just trying to allow you to buy your cars the same way you buy nearly everything else.

As for Prime Day, CNBC reports Amazon shoppers bought 100 million products. In fact, Amazon says it was the biggest shopping event in its history.
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The winners are in from last night’s ESPY Awards - the annual celebration of all things sports. Retired NASCAR driver Danica Patrick was the host this year (the first female host of the ESPYs ever).
There were the typical awards, but the most memorable moments included a group of women who spoke out about the USA Gymnastics team doctor who sexually abused them. They accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.
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