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He's often the guy who casts the deciding vote for the U.S. Supreme Court, and now he's leaving.

Justice Anthony Kennedy has been a supporter of gay rights and has taken a more liberal view of things like abortion and the death penalty, but he’s more conservative when it comes to voting rights, gun control and campaign spending. The 81-year-old justice was sworn in by Ronald Reagan, and now he’s retiring this summer.
The New York Times calls it a “judicial earthquake.” It could give President Trump a chance to make the court even more conservative. CNN reports Roe v. Wade could be at risk. That’s the case that made abortion legal nationwide.
But whoever the president nominates will need to be confirmed by Congress, and that battle has already begun. Republican leaders are saying they’ll move quickly to get Trump’s nominee confirmed this fall. They have the majority in Congress, so they wouldn’t need Democrats’ support. Democrats are calling on them to wait until after the November midterm elections to let voters decide who should be in Congress to make the decision.
Remember, once a U.S. Supreme Court Justice has the job for life (or at least until that person chooses to retire). President Trump already nominated Justice Neil Gorsuch to the court. Now it looks like he’ll have a chance to nominate another.




There's more U.S. Supreme Court news, and this one is a big setback for public unions. The highest court ruled it’s not okay to force public employees to pay union dues when they’re not union members. Just like a lot of the decisions lately, it was split 5 to 4.
The Washington Post reports this ruling affects what’s known as “agency fees” or “fair-share fees.” They’re fees that workers must pay, even when they choose not to be a member of a public union. Supporters of those fees say it stops people from getting the benefits of union negotiations for free, as in pay your “fair-share.”
But legal challengers said the fees are unconstitutional and violate First Amendment rights. They argued workers’ money may go to political causes they don’t agree with. The court agreed.

Some experts say unions may not be able to survive this in the future.

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He’s an ex-Fox News executive, and now it sounds like he’s heading for the White House.

Several media outlets are reporting Bill Shine has accepted a “senior communications role” for President Trump. The Wall Street Journal says it won’t formally be the director job, but something close to it. ABC News says to expect an official announcement by the end of the week.
Shine was one of the execs that left Fox News last year during sexual harassment scandals. Reports say he was never personally accused, but his handling of the accusations came under fire. 

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Looks like the deal is getting done. The Justice Department just gave the stamp of approval for Disney to take over a good chunk of 21st Century Fox.
Remember, the two companies agreed to a deal a while ago, until Comcast swooped in and offered more. Disney came back with a sweeter deal (more than $71.3 billion) so Fox accepted again. Now that the government has given it the green light, Disney is planning to take control of Fox’s movie and TV studio, as well as its stake in Hulu.
The Wall Street Journal reports there is one condition: Disney can’t have any of Fox's sports networks. The Justice Department says that would lead to higher prices in sports programming. Disney said-- deal.

Now a federal judge just needs to sign off on the agreement. By the way, Fox News and Fox Broadcast Network are not part of this – they weren’t even for sale.
If all goes according to plan, this will be Disney’s biggest purchase ever.

Read more: WSJCNN



Speaking of Hulu, Oprah’s voice was just on The Handmaid’s Tale (spoilers). The showrunner told Variety they heard Oprah was a fan of the show, so they asked her to be on it.

That’s what happens when you’re Oprah.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"For every bit of inspiration, use it and amplify it by applying it to your work."
From Optimal Living Daily



Two of the biggest tech companies have agreed to a truce. Bloomberg reports Apple and Samsung have had lawsuits between them since 2011. Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone.
Now the two companies have told a judge they’ve settled and are ending the last legal fight. The lawsuits have cost both companies hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees.

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It’s already starting to feel like Christmas, at least at Kohl’s. CNBC reports the company is starting to hire seasonal workers for the holidays… now. The company says it’s earlier than ever.
Why? Well remember that report awhile back about a more competitive job market these days? It means top talent is taken quickly. Kohl's wants to get ahead of it.

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It’s time for a World Cup update, because there's only four more matches until we know the 16 teams that will move on to the knockout round.
Already, the defending champ, Germany, is OUT.  There were two upsets: both Mexico and South Korea beat Germany. CBS News says it’s the first time Germany hasn’t even gotten out of a World Cup group.

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You may have noticed by now, but there’s yet another new feature on Instagram: direct video chat. Once you update the app, you should notice a camera icon in the corner of your direct messages platform. That lets you start a video call.
You can video chat with up to four people at a time, and it’s all private, just like direct messages.

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