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Today, top lawmakers from both parties will be meeting with top FBI officials. The Hill reports they’re planning to talk about classified info involving an investigation in 2016. It's the same one that sparked President Trump to make some serious claims.
The president tweeted a bunch of times yesterday about what he’s now calling “Spygate.” He’s been saying an FBI spy was embedded within his campaign before the presidential election.

He even tweeted, “SPYGATE could be one of the biggest political scandals in history!”
But so far, no one’s confirmed those claims. Trump asked for an investigation, so the inspector general is looking into any “irregularities” the FBI may have had with the Trump campaign. And there’s today’s meeting.
Trump’s supporters say it’s clear the FBI treats Trump unfairly. Critics say he’s pushing a conspiracy theory that has no proof.

Read more: The HillAPNYTFOX News



It’s unconstitutional for President Trump to block his critics on Twitter. That’s what a judge ruled this week.
Here’s why: the judge says the president’s Twitter feed is considered a public forum, so it’s protected by the First Amendment. The judge ruled no public official can block anyone from his/her Twitter feed just because of that person’s political views.

Read more: The HillAPCNBC



A big change in NFL policy, and it’s definitely controversial.

The new policy says teams will be fined if football players kneel on the field or sidelines during the national anthem or do anything that is perceived as disrespectful to the anthem. Players can choose to stay in the locker room if they want.

It’s in response to the dozens of players who have kneeled during the anthem over the last two seasons. It all started with Colin Kaepernick. Protesting players say it's meant to bring attention to social justice issues. President Trump says it disrespects the flag.

The NFL commissioner hopes the new policy keeps the focus on the game instead.
Some players and the NFL Players' Association are saying not cool. The association may even challenge the new policy. Critics say the new rule is based on fear of the president, it'll stifle voices and it'll will make things even more divided.  Supporters of the new policy feel the NFL is a workplace that gets to set its own rules and that it is disrespectful to kneel.
No word yet on how much the fine could be and how it'll be enforced. Also, no word from the White House about it, except Vice President Mike Pence tweeting “#Winning.”

Also worth noting: ESPN reports the NFL is still working with players to create an $89 million social justice platform. It was created during talks about the kneeling controversy.

Read more: ESPNReutersNYT



The Milwaukee Police Department is saying sorry. It’s also disciplining officers for what happened. NBC News reports officers used a Taser on NBA player Sterling Brown over a parking violation. He was eventually let go and wasn’t charged.

The officers' body camera footage was released to the public.

Brown plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. The team released a statement calling the officers’ actions “shameful.”

Read more: CNNNBC NewsFOX News



Heads up, parents: the FDA warns not to use certain teething medicine on your babies and toddlers.
Federal health officials say various gels and creams that use a popular numbing ingredient can cause serious problems. The ingredient is benzocaine, and officials say it can lead to rare, but deadly, side effects in children (especially two and younger). We’re even talking about over-the-counter drugs.
The drugmakers are now being told to stop selling the products geared toward kids. They’re also supposed to put a new warning on the products made for adults. The FDA has apparently been warning about these products for years, but it now wants the meds off store shelves.

Read more: NBC NewsAP (teething meds)

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The city of West Hollywood in California just declared an official “Stormy Daniels Day.” As in Stormy Daniels: the adult film star who was paid to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump. Now she’s suing Trump and has sharing the story.
The LA Times reports West Hollywood city officials praised Daniels for standing up to power, even when she was allegedly threatened. They also gave her a key to the city.

President Trump has denied the affair.

Read more: LA TimesThe Hollywood Reporter



Bank of America will be rolling out a new virtual financial assistant for mobile app customers named, 'Erica.'
All 25 million mobile bank customers can expect to see this new feature roll out over the next few weeks. Erica should allow app users do things like see their balance and transfer money.

Read more: Charlotte Biz JournalBank of America



YouTube is officially trying to compete with Spotify as it rolls out a new music streaming service.
The payment part works pretty much like other music services. You have the option to listen for free with ads or pay a price each month to get it ad-free. It’s $9.99 a month on its own or you can get YouTube Premium for $11.99 a month. That’s the newly branded version of what used to be called YouTube Red (it gives you both music and video).
If you’re already subscribed to Google Play Music, you’ll automatically be signed up for YouTube Music. USA Today compared all the major players.

Read more: The VergeUSA Today (compare)



Tinder has a new feature: Tinder Places.

It’s based on where you are (and not just your city). TechCrunch reports it will narrow your list of dating prospects to those who stop by your favorite coffee shop or afterwork bar.

For now, the dating app is just testing it out in three cities within Australia and Chile. Some people are calling it creepy. A Tinder spokeswoman says it may change the tone in a good way when it takes away a feeling of being anonymous.

Read more: TechCrunch




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