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Kavanaugh Vote: There could be a key procedural vote as soon as today that would allow for a final Senate vote as early as Saturday. Senators will decide whether to make Judge Brett Kavanaugh the next Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh wrote an op-ed in the WSJas his "closing argument" against sexual misconduct allegations. Protesters made it clear they're not happy, including Amy Schumer (who got arrested). 
Read more: The HillWSJNYTReutersUSA TodayThe Washington Post

#MeToo One Year Later: One year ago today, aNYTarticle detailed the first round of public sexual misconduct accusations against media mogul, Harvey Weinstein. It went on to spark the #MeToo movement. Over the last year, many media companies have reportedly added more harassment training and have started taking complaints of bad behavior more seriously.  It also launched more debate about whether 'innocent until proven guilty' should count in the court of public opinion and careers.
Read more:Axios,The Wrap,USA Today,Marketplace

'Spy' Chip: ABloomberg Businessweekreport says tiny chips were put into data center equipment as a way to spy on at least 30 big U.S. companies, including Apple and Amazon. The report claims the Chinese government is behind it, and a top secret U.S. government investigation has been going on since 2015. All companies mentioned say a big, NOT TRUE.
Read more:Bloomberg Businessweek,CNBC,Amazon Statement

Meat Recalls: Check your freezers! There are recalls on 6.5 million pounds of ground beef and 89,000 pounds of ham products. Federal health officials say, if you have any of the listed products, throw them out or return them. Check the lists of recalled brands and dates below, if needed.
Read more: NBC News,Yahoo,USDA(ground beef),CDC(ham)

Verizon Cuts: Verizon is offering up early retirement packages to nearly a quarter of its workforce: 44,000 employees. It's looking to cut $10 billion in costs by the year 2021.
Read more:Forbes,WSJ

Happiest Workers: What workers are the happiest in the U.S.? A compensation and career site called, Comparably, did a study to try and find out. It used anonymous employee reviews on its site in the last year to rank 25 large U.S. companies for having the happiest employees. #1: HubSpot #2: Netflix #3: Google. Full list below...
Read more:Business Insider

Uber Free Rides: Uber and Lyft are ready to offer you free rides... at least to the polls on Election Day. Uber is partnering with nonprofit organizations to hold 'voter registration drives' now, and then, on Election Day (November 6th, 2018), allow you to quickly find your polling place and get a free ride to vote.
Read more:TechCrunch,The Hill

Instagram Nametags: Have you seen this yet? You can now set up your customized 'nametag' on Instagram. It works like a QR code. You use the in-app camera to take a photo of someone's 'nametag' to see their profile. Who did something like this first? You guessed it: Snapchat's 'snapcodes.' 
Read more: DigitalTrends

Mac Miller Concert: Tickets go on sale today for a high-profile concert to honor the memory of rapper Mac Miller, who died in early September. It'll also raise money for a new charity in his name. The concert is at the end of the month in LA.
Read more:  CNN,Yahoo

A Star is Born: It's the first lead role on the big screen for Lady Gaga and the directorial debut for her co-star, Bradley Cooper. The movie hits theaters today! 
Read more: Watch the Trailer,USA Today,THR


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