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Kavanaugh Confirmed: It's official. The U.S. Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and he could start hearing a case as early as tomorrow. Senators voted 50-48 on Saturday, which is the closest margin to confirm a nominee since 1881.
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Tropical Storm Michael: It's heading toward Florida, and forecasters say it could become a Category 1 or 2 hurricane by the time it makes landfall (expected to happen Wednesday). Florida's governor declared a state of emergency to get extra resources on hand.
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UN Climate Change Report:A big-deal new report from the top global climate change group says the world needs to make "unprecedented changes" to cut back on carbon emissions over the next decade, or expect the risk to go way up for serious consequences, like drought, floods and extreme heat.
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Nobel Peace Prize: The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two people: Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege. Both took brave steps to fight against sexual violence as a weapon of war.
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HPV Vaccine:More people can now get the vaccine to prevent HPV. The FDA gave the thumbs up for adults up to age 45 to get 'Gardasil 9.' It was first approved back in 2006 but only for ages 9-26. Federal health officials say the vaccine has the potential to prevent more than 90% of certain cancers, like cervical cancer.
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Columbus Day:Today is the federal holiday Columbus Day, but not everyone observes it. Some cities and states feel it honors a time when Native Americans were killed, so they changed it to 'Indigenous Peoples Day.' For the first time, the city of Columbus, Ohio will NOT observe the holiday (although city officials say it's not about the national debate). Also, the U.S. Post Office is closed today, so don't expect to get your mail.
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LaCroix Lawsuit:The popular sparkling water brand is dealing with an unwanted lawsuit that says it's not really 'all natural' and has a synthetic compound used in an insecticide. LaCroix's parent company says a big not true and may even counter-sue for reputation damage.
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Banksy Art Prank:A piece of art sold for $1.4 million and then immediately self-destructed. And get this: it may even be worth more money now. The anonymous street artist Banksy pulled off the stunt for one of his own pieces of art. As soon as it was sold, the canvas went through a paper shredder built into the frame. Banksy posted an Instagram video about it later. The Washington Post called it "the most memorable art-world prank in years."
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Taylor Swift's Vote: An Instagram post from Taylor Swift is getting a lot of attention because she wrote about something she's never talked about publicly: politics. She revealed which two candidates in Tennessee she plans to support on Election Day and why. She also encouraged followers to learn about local candidates and vote.
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Venom + A Star is Born:The debut of these two very different movies meant an all-time best October weekend at the box office in North America. The superhero movie Venom took the #1 spot in ticket-sales.
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