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Trump's Taxes: There's a new investigation involving President Trump and claims of shady tax dealings. The New York Tax Department says it's launched a review of allegations outlined in a NYT article. The report says President Trump participated in tax schemes in the 90s, including "outright fraud." Trump's lawyer calls the report "100% false." 
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Suspicious Envelopes: Everyone seems to be OK, but the FBI is investigating two envelopes sent to the Pentagon and one sent to the president that are suspected to contain the poison, ricin. None of the envelopes made it to the Pentagon or White House.
Read more: CNNAPTIME

'Skinny' Health Care: There's a new option for health insurance now on the market, often called 'skinny' or short-term health insurance. The pros? Lower premiums for those who want a cheaper alternative. The cons? Less coverage. Most of these plans won't cover pre-existing conditions, maternity leave, mental health coverage and more. They'll also have higher deductibles. The time to choose or change plans starts Nov. 1st. 
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Rosa Remnants: Some of the Southwest is getting hit hard with rain that'll keep coming for the next couple of days. From Arizona to Utah, there's a risk of flash flooding and possible landslides in the mountain areas. It's remnants of Tropical Storm Rosa, which drenched parts of Northwestern Mexico earlier this week.
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Indonesia Aid: The death toll went up again to at least 1,347 after last week's earthquake and tsunami, although aid supplies are now reportedly reaching areas cut off from water and electricity.
Read more: BBCNYT (how to help)

Time's Up CEO: The 'Time's Up' organization that stemmed from the #MeToo movement now has its first President and CEO. Her name is Lisa Borders. She's stepping down as president of the WNBA to take the new gig. She's also a former Coca-Cola exec and used to work in politics in Atlanta.
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Amazon Min. Wage: Amazon employees are about to get a pay raise. Amazon announced its raising the minimum wage for all U.S. employees to $15/hour, starting Nov. 1st. CEO Jeff Bezos says he heard the critics and decided to make the change. One of his loudest critics, Sen. Bernie Sanders, praised the move. 
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Boston to NYC in 36min: Get from NYC to Boston in just 36 minutes. Or LA to SF in less than an hour. Plus: no need for airports or runways. That's what Boston's 'Transcend Air' is promising for the year 2024. The company has been working on prototypes for an aircraft that flies like a commercial jet but takes off like a helicopter.
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Hyperloop Advances: The world's first, full-scale Hyperloop 'passenger capsule' was just revealed in Spain. Startup Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) hopes to have its full Hyperloop system within three years. Hyperloop technology is meant to transport passengers at speeds of 750+ mph through magnetic tubes. Several companies are racing to be the first to make it a reality.  
Read more: BloombergCNN

Microsoft Surface: Microsoft announced several new and upgraded Surface products, including new noise-canceling headphones that work with the voice-assistant, Cortana.
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Nobel Prize in Physics: If you've had success with LASIK, then you can thank a couple of the scientists who just won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Dr. Donna Strickland and GérardMourou's work with laser technology allowed for the new type of eye surgery. A third winner also won for his work with lasers. Scientist Arthur Ashkin is the oldest person ever to win a Nobel Prize. He's 96. 
Read more: ReutersAP


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