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NAFTA Out, USMCA In: You won’t want to call it NAFTA anymore (North American Free Trade Agreement). We now know the new deal has a new name: U.S.M.C.A (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement). Leaders for the three countries involved say it’s a great agreement for everyone. President Trump said, “We’re going to transform North America into a manufacturing powerhouse.” Remember: Canada and the U.S. made a last-minute deal late Sunday night to finalize it. Congress still needs to give the OK.
Read more: NYT, NBC NewsBloomberg

Net Neutrality Lawsuit: It’s the Justice Department vs. the state of California. Just hours after Cali’s governor signed a new net neutrality law, the Trump administration announced its plans to sue. Internet companies say it costs too much and stifles innovation. Consumer groups say net neutrality keeps the Internet fair for consumers. Remember: the FCC recently got rid offederalnet neutrality laws, so states starting passing their own versions. California’s law is the toughest so far. We'll see if it holds up in court.
Read more:Time,NPR,The Verge

Las Vegas Strip Dimmed:It’s not every day you’ll see the Las Vegas strip without all the glitz, glam and sparkle. Marquees along the strip were turned off last night to mark one year since the shooting there -- the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. There were several events, ceremonies and vigils to remember the victims.
Read more:USA Today,KTNV

Indonesia Quake Update:The situation in Eastern Indonesia is still bleak after Friday’s earthquake and tsunami killed more than 840 people. Search and rescue teams say the death toll will likely keep going up and could even get into the thousands. There are also new questions about why people weren’t warned earlier about the incoming tsunami.
Read more:CBS NewsAl Jazeera,NYT

Nobel Prize Winners:Two scientists who came up with a game-changing way to use the immune system to fight cancer cells just won the 2018 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. It’s the first in a week of announcements about Nobel winners. The peace prize will be named on Friday.
Read more: Reuters

$20M Toys 'R' Us Fund: A surprising and seemingly generous move by the owners of the now-bankrupt Toys ‘R’ Us stores. They’re putting together a $20 million fund to help out thousands of former employees who don’t have jobs after the 800+ stores closed for good.
Read more: WSJ

New Leaders at GE, IG:A couple of new leaders at big companies to tell you about. First up, a Facebook exec Adam Mosseri will now be Instagram’s newest leader. Remember: Instagram’s co-founders recently decided to leave (six years now after Facebook bought IG). Also, GE is sayingso longto its CEO John Flannery andhelloto a new one, Lawrence Culp. The GE Board was not happy with the rate of positive change under Flannery.
Read more: InstagramTechCrunch / GECNBC,CBS News

Netflix 'Choose Your Own Adventure':Netflix wants to give you a chance to choose your own ending for your favorite shows and movies. Netflix apparently has plans to do this with several projects, but it will start with season 5 of the sci-fi series,Black Mirror. Stay tuned for the new interactive episode dropping this December.
Read more:Bloomberg,TechCrunch

YouTube's Actionable Ads:Advertisements are also becoming more interactive. YouTube says it’s bringing a new kind of ‘actionable ad’ that puts users even closer to the product. Like the app described in an ad? Download it with a click. Want to see a movie from that trailer you’re watching? You’ll see local showtimes on the screen and can buy tickets on-the-spot via Fandango.
Read more:Engadget,Mashable

Google Maps Updates:No need to switch back-and-forth from Google Maps to Apple Music while driving. The newest update to Google Maps lets you control Google Play, Spotify or Apple Music from the Maps navigation screen.  Also, a new ‘commute’ tab lets you get warnings about traffic jams on your usual route. But be warned: it also means you’re giving more of your data to Google to turn around and sell. Also new from Google: 'Project Stream.' It's meant to test out a game-streaming service. Stay tuned to find out if it sticks.
Read more:Mashable,TechCrunch

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