Friday, September 13th, 2019

Dem Debate #3, Full ‘Micro’ Moon & Vehicles for Change

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LISTEN at 0:33 – Dem Debate #3:
All the leading candidates in the Democratic presidential race debated on the same stage last night. The top 10 polling Democrats who qualified talked about climate change, health care, immigration and gun control. We talk about some of the key moments in today's podcast -- or read the links below.
Read more: NBC News, ABC News, Washington Post, FOX News, Politico , TIME

LISTEN at 2:30 – Impeachment Proceedings:
Democrats in Congress are setting the stage in case they try to impeach President Trump. The House Judiciary Committee approved a list of rules they have to follow as they investigate whether or not the president should be removed from office. The mostly symbolic gesture is meant to show judges and other Democrats the committee is still looking into impeachment. Trump says he’s not worried and called the impeachment plan an “embarrassment” to the country. The new rules could be in use as soon as next week when Democrats plan to question the president’s former campaign manager.
Read more: CNN, NYT, Reuters

LISTEN at 3:27 – Clean Water Rule Replaced:
The Clean Water Rule, which went into effect during the Obama administration, will now be replaced. The rule limited what kind of chemicals can be used near bodies of water. Environmentalists say that rule is necessary to keep drinking water safe and protect wetlands, but critics have said the law goes too far, limits land for farmers and developers, and ultimately costs consumers more. The EPA is writing a new rule, which is expected to be finalized by this winter.
Read more: CBS News, NPR, Politico, AP

LISTEN at 4:23 – Storm Watch:
Forecasters are keeping an eye on a potential tropical cyclone which could impact the Bahamas and Florida, including areas hit by Hurricane Dorian. The storm could track farther east or head west toward the Gulf of Mexico. Either way, heavy rain and high winds are expected.
Read more: Weather Channel, AccuWeather

LISTEN at 5:00 – Friday the 13th Full Moon:
It’s Friday the 13th, and there will be a full moon tonight. It hasn’t happened since 2000 and won’t happen again for another 30 years. The Midwest and West Coast should be able to see the full moon tonight, but it won't be an official full moon on the East Coast until after midnight. In other space news, an astronomer may have spotted an interstellar comet. If it’s confirmed to be from outside our solar system, it will be the second of its kind.
Read more (Full Moon): CNET, NBC News
Read more (Interstellar Comet): National Geographic

LISTEN at 7:02 – Video Game Exercise:
Nintendo is turning exercise into a new video game, which will require players to move, like jog or do squats, to get through the game. Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure comes with two controllers: one to be strapped to the leg, and one handheld. One even monitors heart rate. The new game will be available October 18th.
Read more: Venturebeat, TechCrunch

LISTEN at 7:34 – Google Photo Memories:
Google has a new photo feature called “Memories.” Each day, old photos will pop up in small circles at the top of your photo gallery, similar to Instagram or Snapchat stories. Users can hide certain time periods or people, or even turn the feature off. Users can also order prints directly from the Photos app and pick them up at a CVS or Walmart. Direct messaging in the Photos app is coming soon, too.
Read more: Engadget, The Verge

LISTEN at 8:14 – Vudu Family Play:
Walmart-owned video streaming service Vudu is rolling out a new feature that will help parents control what their kids watch and hear. The Family Play option allows parents to filter out sex, violence, substance abuse and language -- but still watch the movie together. The feature is available now for more than 500 movies.
Read more: Variety, TechCrunch

LISTEN at 8:39 – Unlimited Grocery Delivery:
Walmart is expanding its new option for grocery delivery. At least half of Americans will be able to sign up by the end of the year. The new option charges a flat fee of $13 per month for unlimited deliveries, instead of charging a fee for each order. The move helps the company compete with rivals, like Amazon and Target.
Read more: CNBC, Business Insider

LISTEN at 9:09 – Vehicles for Change:
An Oregon woman is converting old school buses into livable spaces for homeless families. Vehicles for Change recycles retired school buses, and equips them with kitchens and bathrooms. She feels the buses are a better alternative to tiny houses because there’s less to build and they offer families mobility.
Read more: People,