Monday, September 16th, 2019

Auto Workers Strike, Peanut Allergy Treatment & PopSocket Koozie

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Story Summaries

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LISTEN at 0:44 – GM Auto Strike:
Tens of thousands of General Motors workers went on strike early this morning. It's the country’s first major strike against a U.S. carmaker in more than a decade and the largest walkout since the 1980s. Negotiations for a new contract between GM and the union hit a standstill, and workers want better pay, more jobs and shut down factories re-opened. GM says it’s disappointed with the strike because it gave the workers a “strong” offer. Talks are set to start again at 10 a.m. today.
Read more: WSJ, CNBC, FOX Business, Business Insider

LISTEN at 1:43 – Saudi Oil Attack:
The Trump administration is blaming Iran for devastating attacks on two oil sites in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. Drones were used to strike a major oil field and a large processing facility. President Trump says the U.S. is “locked and loaded” and waiting on verification to decide what to do next. Iran says it wasn’t them, and the Houthis, a rebel group in Yemen, claimed responsibility. Oil futures went up about 11 percent yesterday.
Read more: NBC News, USA Today, Washington Post, WSJ, NYT

LISTEN at 3:05 – Kavanaugh Allegations:
A handful of Democratic presidential candidates are calling for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be kicked off the bench, or at least further investigated. It's in response to a newly reported sexual misconduct allegation that came out in a NYT article over the weekend. The FBI apparently knew about the claim but never looked into it. Justice Kavanaugh hasn’t commented, but President Trump is defending him. Trump calls all the allegations against Kavanaugh "lies."
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LISTEN at 4:23 – Tropical Storm Humberto:
Forecasters have been keeping a close on tropical storm-turned-Hurricane Humberto, but it now looks to be moving away from land. -- sparing the Bahamas, which were recently hit hard by Hurricane Dorian. Still, the U.S. coast could see some rough surf and dangerous rip currents.
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LISTEN at 4:46 – Peanut Allergy Treatment:
A treatment for peanut allergies is in the works, and an FDA advisory committee is supporting the experimental treatment. If fully approved by the FDA, it will become the first federally-approved option to prevent life threatening reactions to peanuts. The new experimental drug called Palforzia would gradually help patients build up a tolerance. Critics are worried about the long-term efficacy, since the pill needs to be taken for life to keep working. The FDA is expected to have a final decision on this in January.
Read more: CNN, AP, NPR

LISTEN at 6:35 – Felicity Huffman Sentenced:
Actress Felicity Huffman will serve 14 days behind bars for her part in the college admissions scandal. She pled guilty in a deal with prosecutors and apologized. In addition to spending two weeks in prison, Huffman will do community service, pay a $30,000 fine and have one year of supervised release.
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LISTEN at 7:22 – MoviePass Shuts Down:
MoviePass has officially shut down and gave only one day’s notice to customers over the weekend. The ticket subscription service had been struggling for awhile. As the company ran into problems and started limiting the service, it started losing millions of subscribers. MoviePass told subscribers it’ll refund them for any paid time they didn't have a chance to use.
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LISTEN at 8:00 – Weekend Box Office:
It was a big weekend at the box office for Hustlers. The movie brought in $33 million, beating industry expectations. That said, Hustlers ended up in the number two spot, while number one went to IT: Chapter Two. Angel Has Fallen came in third.
Read more: Variety, USA Today

LISTEN at 8:24 – PopSockets for Mugs:
PopSocket is getting into the Koozie business. The company that makes those pop-out tabs that stick to the back of phones just came out with the PopThirst cup sleeve. The cupholder slips around a drink or mug but has a PopSocket on it. The grip is supposed to help you hold your drink more easily to avoid spills.
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