Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Asylum Rule, Water Beyond Solar System & Personalized Yelp (+ Talking Vaping) 

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LISTEN at 0:33 – Supreme Court on Asylum Rule:
The Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s decision that put President Trump’s tough immigration policy on hold. The administration can now move forward with its plan (for now). The rule will require asylum seekers who pass through another country on their way to the U.S. to apply for asylum protections in the other country first. That said, the rule is still be challenged in court. The Supreme Court simply said the rule can be enforced while the legal case plays out.
Read more: NBC News, Reuters, AP, FOX News

LISTEN at 1:50 – Flavored E-Cig Ban:
President Trump has given the FDA approval to come up with a plan to remove all flavored vape and e-cigarette products from stores. The goal is to keep them out of the hands of teens. Federal health officials are already looking into hundreds of cases of a mysterious lung illness that has been linked to vaping. They’re also investigating some companies for marketing to kids.
Read more: FOX News, Reuters, NYT, ABC News

LISTEN at 3:11 – Purdue Pharma Settlement?:
State and local governments have sued Purdue Pharma, accusing the drug company of fueling the opioid crisis, so now, Purdue Pharma is looking to settle. They've apparently reached a 'tentative' deal, but not all states are on board. If the settlement doesn’t work out, the case could go to trial.
Read more: CNBC, Washington Post, WSJ, NBC News

LISTEN at 4:00 – CA Employment Law:
California lawmakers passed a bill, which could re-classify some contractors as employees. Employees would then be entitled to minimum wage, overtime pay and other benefits. The governor is expected to sign it into law, but Uber says it will not treat its California drivers as employees.
Read more: WSJ, The Hill, Washington Post

LISTEN at 4:56 – Democratic Debate:
The third round of Democratic debates starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. EDT on ABC. Only 10 presidential candidates are participating. It was harder to qualify for this debate than the last two, and some candidates have dropped out. It will be the first time frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren debate on the same stage.
Read more: TIME, VOX

LISTEN at 6:34 – FIBA World Cup, Dodgers Postseason:
For the first time in 13 years, the U.S. men's basketball team is not walking away with a gold medal in a major international tournament. U.S. lost to France at the FIBA World Cup quarterfinals yesterday. They’re still going to the 2020 Olympics.
In other sports news, the Los Angeles Dodgers are headed to the playoffs. They’re the top team in the NL West for the seventh season in a row and the first major league team to secure a spot in the 2019 postseason.
Read more (FIBA World Cup): NBC Sports, ESPN
Read more (Dodgers): ESPN

LISTEN at 7:22 – Discovery Beyond Solar System:
Scientists found water on a planet outside our solar system. Research teams used data from the Hubble Space Telescope to check out the exoplanet’s atmosphere and found water vapor. The planet is also close enough to its star to be warm enough for life. So far, it’s the only planet beyond our solar system (that we know of) that has both water and temperatures to support life.
Read more: National Geographic, BBC,

LISTEN at 8:15 – Apple's Health Studies:
Apple is looking for participants in three new health studies. Apple’s new research app on the Apple Watch or iPhone will track health data and share it with Apple and major health organizations. Apple will research the long-term effects of loud noise, how menstrual cycles can inform the screenings for infertility and how activity and movement impact our overall health.
Read more: CNET, TechCrunch

LISTEN at 8:48 – Yelp Personal Results:
Yelp turns 15 years old next month, and for the first time, it will start personalizing results. Users can create a profile with preferences like dietary restrictions, hobbies and whether they have children or pets. Yelp will then use the info to provide results with those preferences in mind. The feature is available on Apple phones and expected on Android next year.
Read more: The Verge, Wired

Thing To Know Thursday

Illness Linked to Vaping

Read more: American Lung Assoc., CNN, Digital Trends

Learn more about a program to help teens quit: Truth Initiative

Youth and young adults can text "DITCHJUUL" to 88709 / Parents and other adults looking to help young people quit should text "QUIT" to (202) 899-7550

America Lung Association

Today’s guest: Dr. Albert Rizzo

Albert A. Rizzo, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer for the American Lung Association, is the organization's senior medical authority. Dr. Rizzo has long been a key medical advisor to the American Lung Association, a member of the Lung Cancer Expert Medical Advisory Panel and a leading media spokesperson for the Association. Dr. Rizzo is responsible for ensuring the American Lung Association is always using the best science and medicine to formulate and deliver on our mission. Additionally, Dr. Rizzo will help drive lung health innovation, challenge the Association to reach those in greatest need and strengthen our relationships with professional medical and patient organizations.