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Hurricane Florence: Florence is now a Category 2 storm, so it's a bit weaker, but officials say it'll still be massive and dangerous. Tropical storm conditions will likely start today on the coast of the Carolinas and the 'historic' storm is expected to make landfall Friday.  Read more:The Weather Channel,AP,The Washington Post,TechCrunch

Last Primary Day: It's the final primary day of 2018 and the midterms are now less than two months away. The most high-profile race this week as the primary season wraps up? The race for governor in New York. Today, voters will decide between the current governor, Andrew Cuomo, and formerSex and the City actress, Cynthia Nixon.
Read more:The Hill

CBS Fires '60 Min' Exec: CBS just fired the executive producer of '60 Minutes' due to a 'company violation.' Jeff Fager allegedly sent a threatening text to a reporter covering a story abouthim. Fager was also named inThe New Yorkerarticles detailing sexual misconduct accusations against CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, who stepped down Sunday. Both men say the accusations aren't true.
Read more:CBS News,NYT,WSJ

FDA Warns E-Cig Makers: The FDA told e-cigarette makers, like Juul Labs, that they have 60 days to prove they can keep the devices away from teens. If not, the agency plans to pull flavored e-cigs off the market. Retailers, like 7-Eleven, also got warning letters.
Read more:NYT,WSJ

Apple's iPhoneXS: Apple just revealed there arethreenew iPhones coming: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR (X is pronounced 'ten'). The iPhone XS Max is the largest display ever on an iPhone and the most expensive iPhone. It starts at $1,099. All come with Face ID and iOS12, among other upgrades. Apple also showed off the new Apple Watch Series 4, which has an FDA-approved heart monitor.
Read more:TechCrunch,CNET,TIME,WSJ

Chase 'AdvancingCities': Cities of all sizes can apply for grants or low-cost loans from JP Morgan Chase. The bank has promised $500 million toward a new program to help boost the economy in cities around the world.
Read more:CNBC

NASA Sponsorships?: NASA might be getting sponsors (i.e. Pepsi Rover?). Well, it's at least looking into the idea to help offset costs. A new committee is checking into whether it's even legal. Critics worry it'll hurt the public mission. It's still just in the research phase. TBD if it'll actually happen.
Read more: NYT

White Castle Meatless Burgers: White Castle tested meat-free burgers, and they apparently sold well. The fast food chain is now launching the 'Impossible Foods' meatless burgers nationwide.
Read more:CNBC





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