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Apple's Event: Today is the day Apple reveals its newest iPhones, Apple Watches and other tech at its 'special event.' It kicks off at 10am Pacific. You can watch an online livestream or wait for my updates on it tomorrow!  Read more: TechCrunch,The Verge,CNBC,Watch Live,NYT

Hurricane Florence Update: More than 5.4 million people live in areas with hurricane warnings or watches and 1.7 million have been told to evacuate. Florence is expected to be one of the strongest storms on record to hit this part of the East Coast. The Carolinas will likely be impacted the most late Thursday and into Friday. 
Read more:The Weather Channel,AP,CNN,NYT

Trump on Hurricane Maria: Next week marks one year since Hurricane Maria (also a Category 4) hit Puerto Rico. President Trump called the government's recovery effort an "unsung success." Some criticized the comment since the official death toll is nearly 3,000.
Read more:Bloomberg

EPA Proposal: A new EPA proposal would relax rules on methane gas emissions. It would mean fewer inspections on oil and gas companies, among other things. The agency says it would save money and cut down on red tape, but its own analysis also shows it could negatively impact air quality and health.
Read more:NBC News,NYT

Criticizing China: Another thing the administration is considering right now? Economic sanctions on China. This time, it's not for trade practices. It's for human rights violations. Reports say China is detaining thousands of minority Muslims. No U.S. action yet, though. Stay tuned.
Read more: Reuters,NYT

Tesla Key Fobs: Electric carmaker Tesla says it fixed the key fob security issue. Security experts found the Model S key fob could be cloned in seconds. Now, the company says it upgraded current fobs and provided an option for older models to add a security PIN. 
Read more: Digital Trends,WIRED

Facebook Meme Reader: Facebook is using AI to read your memes. The new tool is called Rosetta and can apparently 'read' more than a billion images a day for Facebook and Instagram. The company says it'll help with things like photo search and accessibility for people who are visually-impaired.
Read more:Mashable,Facebook

Amazon Xmas Tree: This holiday season, you can order your Christmas tree like you order everything else -- on Amazon! The company says it's offering real, full-size trees for the first time starting in November.
Read more: AP,TechCrunch

Best Colleges: There's yet another annual list of best colleges. U.S. News & World Report says the #1 national university is Princeton. Click the link to see more of the categories and rankings...
Read more:U.S. News & World Report

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