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 Tower of Voices: Today is the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and there's a new memorial in place. The "Tower of Voices" honors the 40 people killed on Flight 93. It's a 93-foot tall tower with a unique wind chime for each person. President Trump and the First Lady will attend a ceremony there in Pennsylvania. 
Read more: CNNVOANYTCurbedNY

North Korea Summit 2.0?: The White House says President Trump got a "very warm, very positive" letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and now another meeting between the two is in the works.
Read more:The Guardian,Bloomberg

War Crimes Court: National security adviser John Bolton is saying a big 'no' to the International Criminal Court and threatening sanctions. That court wants to investigate U.S. troops in Afghanistan and is, in general, meant to prosecute governments responsible for things like genocide or war crimes. U.S. leaders worry decisions are politically motivated. 
Read more:NYT,AP,BBC,FOX News,ABC News

Hurricane Florence: More than a million people in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have been told to evacuate because of Hurricane Florence. It's now a Category 4 storm and it could be getting stronger as it nears. It's expected to hit the East Coast on Thursday.  PS: Officials in Hawaii are telling people to be prepared for Tropical Storm Olivia. 
Read more:Florence CNN,Weather Channel// Olivia AccuWeather,ABC News

Social Media & Teens: Let's talk smartphones, social media and teens. A new survey by the nonprofit, Common Sense Media, found 89% of teens have smartphones and nearly half of them say they're "addicted." 
Read more:USA Today,Common Sense Media,NBC News

Samsung's SmartThings Tracker: Samsung has a new kind of tracker. Instead of using bluetooth, which has a limited range, it uses LTE-M data. Use it to track your kid's backpack or even set up a geofencing alert for your dog. But it's more expensive than other trackers and will cost you monthly for the data service.
Read more:The Verge,Engadget

Mercedes "Vision Urbanetic": Mercedes-Benz revealed its vision for self-driving, electric vans. It involves an autonomous platform on the bottom that can have different 'bodies' taken on and off for max function and efficiency. But it's still just a concept...
Read more:TechCrunch,The Verge

John Legend EGOT: John Legend is now the youngest person and the first black man to get EGOT status, meaning he received an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. His most recent award? The 'Creative Arts' Emmy forJesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.
Read more:Mashable,ET

Subway's $5 Footlong: Say goodbye to Subway's $5 footlong deals (maybe). Franchise owners are no longerrequiredto have the deal. Instead, it's up to them. Now, Subway says it's testing some new stuff, like paninis. 
Read more:USA Today,Business Insider

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