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It seems North Korea is still making nuclear weapons, despite talks between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump.
The Washington Post says U.S. spy agencies have seen new evidence that shows work continues to create missiles in secret. To be clear: it is not saying North Korea is building more weapons than before, but instead, that the country hasn’t stopped the operations.
Putting an end to nuclear weapons was of course part of the deal President Trump was trying to make.  The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told lawmakers last week that talks with North Korea are on track and the effort to make North Korea get rid of nuclear weapons is just getting underway.
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President Trump said he’d be willing to meet with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with no pre-conditions. He said that he believes in meeting and talking things through.
Buttt then U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there would be some conditions. He told CNBC Iran officials would first need to show changes in how they treat their people and agree that a new deal is needed with the U.S.
Remember, Iran’s President is the same guy Trump traded threats with just last week. They haven’t gotten along ever since Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal. That was the 2015 agreement that was put in place by former President Obama. Trump called it a bad deal.
The AP says the U.S. will put sanctions back in place against Iran starting next week. This is already causing some economic problems there. Iran has pushed back saying the U.S. plan will fail.
This is far from over…
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Today a high-profile trial will begin in VirginiaThe trial for Paul Manafort. He’s the former Trump campaign chairman now facing federal financial fraud charges.
This is the first trial that stems from the Russia investigation - the one where special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any possible collusion. 

Keep in mind Manafort’s charges don’t actually have anything to do with the Trump campaign. Fox News reports the trial will focus on accusations that Manafort hid millions of dollars while working for the Ukrainian government and a Pro-Russian leader.
The trial is expected to last a few weeks, and if he’s found guilty, he faces decades in prison on bank and tax fraud charges.
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By now, you’ve probably heard of 3D printed --almost anything. Well, how about 3D printed guns? 
It’s happening.
Starting tomorrow, August 1st, a man in Texas plans to distribute the online blueprints for a 3D printed pistol and even manuals to make other guns like the AR-15. He’s doing it all legally.
The man behind the blueprints is Cody Wilson. He first sued the federal government five years ago. Recently, the Trump administration settled the case, which means starting this week, anyone can access the instructions to make 3D printed firearms. Wilson once called them “downloadable guns.”
CNET reports that several states have filed suits and 21 state attorneys general have sent a letter -- all trying to stop this from happening. Critics worry these guns won’t be traced and will be difficult to detect, even with metal detectors, because they’re made of mostly plastic. They could also be available to anyone of any age without a background or mental health check.
Wilson and his supporters believe this is all covered by the second amendment; that Americans have “the unquestionable right to access this information.”
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A new start-up would let customers rent tech products like smartphones and laptops.

Some are calling it "Netflix for gadgets." TechCrunch reports you can rent individual tech products, either monthly or annually, with an option to buy the device.
For now, the company – called Grover – is only operating in Germany but plans to shift their operation internationally in the future.
Read More: TechCrunch


MoviePass is dealing with more problems.
Business Insider reports that MoviePass subscribers may not be able to use the app for the big movie releases of the weekend. Customers already complained last weekend that they couldn’t see Mission: Impossible – Fallout, at least not with their MoviePass subscription.
Remember, MoviePass is a service that lets you pay a low monthly fee for pretty much unlimited movie tickets, but the company has been running out of money.
Read More: Business Insider


Basketball star and new LA Lakers player LeBron James is getting a lot of attention right now for what he’s doing off the court.
His family foundation just partnered with the public school system in his hometown – Akron, Ohio – to open up a new public school for at-risk students. It’s called the I Promise School.
USA Today reports that I Promise has a longer school year and focuses on specific areas to help the kids individually. The biggest difference is in the way I Promise School supports families – parents included – with free meals, stress management, job placement services and an on-site food bank.
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McDonald’s Big Mac turns 50 this week, and to celebrate, the fast foodjoint is launching what it’s calling a new ‘global currency:’ MacCoin.
It's not actually another version of Bitcoin, which we’ve seen a lot of companies jumping into lately. Instead, the AP says, this one is literally a physical coin. You can get one when you buy a Big Mac this Thursday, August 2nd. You can bring the coin back to redeem it the next day for a free Big Mac!
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