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President Trump tweeted an ultimatum: fund the border wall or get ready for a government shutdown in September.
The president’s tweet yesterday said he wants more lawmakers’ votes to fund better border security, which includes his plan to build a controversial wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Democrats are not on board, and FOX News reports some republicans have said the wall funding might have to wait until after the midterm elections in November (but maybe, not anymore).
Remember: a government shutdown would put all “non-essential” government funding on hold. The current funding runs out September 30th.
Stay tuned.
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A shooting at a New Orleans strip mall Saturday night left three people dead and seven hurt.

Police say two shooters fired into a crowd, and NPR reports the shooters got away and police are looking for a motive.
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A wildfire in Northern California is finally slowing down a bit, but not before doubling in size over the weekend and forcing thousands of people from their homes.
The AP reports the death toll from the Carr Fire is now up to at least six people, with more missing. Just to the south, near Yosemite National Park, a second firefighter has died fighting the Ferguson wildfire there.
Wildfires are burning in states from Arizona to Oregon.
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 The CBS Board of Directors meets today to decide what to do about new accusations against their CEO.
The top guy, Les Moonves, is now accused of sexual harassment and intimidation.
The New Yorker talked to six women who said he forcibly touched or kissed them and/or mentioned other abuses of power, like retaliating against them for saying no. They say it happened in the 1980s and late 2000s.
The women include actress Illeana Douglas, who’s been in Six Feet UnderGoodfellas and more.
Moonves said in a statement that he recognizes there were times, decades ago, when he made some women uncomfortable with his advances and he regrets that, but maintains that he always understood “no means no.” He also said he’s never harmed or hindered anyone’s career.
The Wall Street Journal reports CBS plans to launch its own investigation into Moonves and the company culture overall.
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Travelers dealt with delays over the weekend because of both severe weather and airlines' technical glitches.
CNBC reports a system-wide computer outage at American Airlines put all flights on hold for about a half-hour yesterday, but it wasn’t the only airline.

Skywest airlines also had a system outage, and it impacted flights for airlines that contract with Skywest, like Delta and United.

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BMW and Amazon have teamed up to allow drivers to talk to the AI assistant Alexa inside their cars. The new feature is rolling out this week.

Techcrunch says the new in-car Alexa comes with a display screen, so it’ll be able to pull up things like the weather forecast when you ask.
BMW isn’t the only carmaker doing this. Digital Trends says Lexus has shown off how Alexa can do things like unlock the doors, and other carmakers have announced Alexa integrations as well.

It could soon be the norm...

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Electric car company Tesla just got into the surfboard business - sort of.
The website has “Limited Edition Tesla Surfboards” for sale, but sorry, it looks like they’re already sold out. The site said they were only going to make 200.

Each surfboard sold for $1500.

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The weekend’s box office winner is Mission: Impossible – Falloutwhich is the sixth Mission: Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise.
The Hollywood Reporter says it debuted with nearly $62 million in ticket sales in North America, a record-high opening weekend for the Mission: Impossiblefranchise.
Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again came in second, and The Equalizer 2 got number three.
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