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Facebook says they’ve found – and taken down – accounts trying to interfere in the midterm elections this November.
Facebook is not saying who's behind the scheme yet, but reports say the tools and methods are similar to those used when Russia allegedly interfered in the 2016 presidential election.
Facebook said that so far they have removed 32 pages and accounts involvedfrom both Facebook and Instagram. The fake accounts were apparently pushing divisive political issues. Some even spent money to run ads on the social networks. Facebook says that some new political advertising policies have stopped them from running more ads.
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A federal judge is saying not so fast about the whole 3D printed gun thing.
It was about to be legal at 12:01 AM for a Texas guy and his company, Defense Distribution, to post the directions for 3D printed guns on his website.
Instead, the AP reports, a judge in Seattle blocked those plans – at least for now.
Remember: the Trump administration settled a lawsuit with the company, and part of that settlement included saying ‘OK’ to the gun directions released to the public. Then, several states filed lawsuits this week, saying the mostly hard-plastic 3D printed guns can’t be traced, aren’t often caught by metal detectors and can be made by anyone – mentally stable or not.
Despite the settlement, the White House is saying it supports the current law because having undetectable plastic guns is already illegal and has been for years.


More tariffs could be coming. Bloomberg reports President Trump is considering tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese imports.

So why do these tariffs matter?
Well for one, we’ve been hearing from more companies lately about the effects on prices. Marketwatch says you – the consumer – may be paying more for some products right now, from RVs to sodas. That’s because of tariffs placed on steel and aluminum coming into the US from overseas.
President Trump has said in the past to be patient, claiming that the tariffs are in place for a reason and will benefit us later.

Others are not on board. Even big-time Republican donors like the Koch brothers have made it clear that they don’t like the trade policy. Fox news reports President Trump called their comments a “total joke.”
Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, also weighed in.  Business Insider quotes him saying the tariffs haven’t hurt Apple… yet, but this could mean higher prices on products in the future.
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Speaking of Tim Cook from Apple, his company seems to be doing better than ever and is getting closer to becoming the first trillion dollar company.
Reuters reports iPhone X and App Store sales helped push the latest earnings report over projections by about a billion dollars.
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For the first time, a pro US sports league has taken on an official gaming partner.
Before we talk about this one, you have to remember the US Supreme Court gave the thumbs-up to sports gambling back in May. This means all states are now free to legalize sports gambling – not just Nevada. So far, as Yahoo Sports reports, Delaware, New Jersey and Mississippi have jumped on board. More states are expected to follow.
ESPN says the NBA has signed a deal with MGM Resorts. This means MGM is the official gaming partner of the NBA and WNBA. Experts say the deal is likely three years for at least 25 million dollars.
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Chipotle is having a rough week.
First, CNBC says, there are new reports of foodborne illness at a restaurant in Ohio. The location briefly closed down because a bunch of customers may have gotten sick. Shares dropped more than 7 percent.
You’ll remember this isn’t the first time Chipotle has dealt with food safety issues; however, the company stressed that this is isolated to just one restaurant.
Also, a promotion for free guacamole yesterday (in honor of Nat'l Avocado Day) didn't quite work out. Business Insider reports customers complained that they were trying to order the free guac, but the app and website kept crashing. Better luck next year…
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Electric scooters seem to be everywhere lately, and now Harley-Davidson may be getting in on the action.
TechCrunch reports the company announced “two-wheeled electric vehicles” in the near future, which could include e-scooters and e-bikes. Expect to see them those available by 20-22. That’s in addition to electric motorcycles expected to come out in about a year.
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Reports say Beyonce will be on the cover of Vogue magazine for the September issue and is getting unprecedented creative control on the entire issue.
But even more historic: Refinery29 reports she's hired a black photographer to shoot the cover -- a first for the 126-year old magazine.
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