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World Cup Win: The U.S. Women’s National Team won the World Cup for the second time in a row and the fourth time in history, beating the Netherlands 2-0 in the final match yesterday. Everyone from President Trump and former President Obama to Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Brady congratulated the team. After the win, along with chants of “U-S-A,” fans also called for “Equal pay!” The team has been fighting for equal pay and treatment, and this big win may give them more leverage. There will be a ticker tape parade in New York City on Wednesday to welcome the World Cup champions home.
Read more: CBS Sports, ESPN, NYT

Iran Nuclear Threat: Iran says it has increased its uranium enrichment beyond the set limit, breaching the 2015 nuclear deal once again. Iranian officials are hoping to add pressure to other world powers to help lower the impact of U.S. sanctions. Some of those countries say they’re “extremely concerned” and are calling on Iran to reverse the steps just taken.
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Another Cali Quake: Another big earthquake hit southern California on Friday. The 7.1 magnitude quake was the largest in that area in nearly 20 years. While shaking was felt from northern California to Mexico, the quakes were centered around a small desert town about 150 miles from Los Angeles. The remote area experienced buckled highways and ruptured gas lines, but so far, there have been no reports of serious injuries.
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Deutsche Job Cuts: Deutsche Bank will scale back investment banking and cut thousands of jobs. The German lender plans to cut 18,000 jobs and get rid of its global equities and trading businesses. Deutsche has tried to compete with large banks on Wall Street but hasn’t been able to keep up amid fines and investigations, including a recent subpoena for President Trump's financial records.
Read more: Reuters, CNBC

Starbucks Apology: Starbucks is apologizing to several police officers in Arizona. A barista asked the officers to leave because a customer felt unsafe around police, and now the company says the officers should have been treated with more respect. Critics have called for a Starbucks boycott, while others say it shows a concerning distrust of police within that community. For now, the Tempe, Arizona police chief and the Officers Association say they’re encouraged by the company’s apology and welcome an open dialogue.
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Autonomous Plane: A plane landed autonomously for the first time. While many planes can land automatically, the airport still guides the plane with radio signals from the ground. German researchers have created an autonomous landing system that uses cameras and a computer to find the runway and calculate when to land. The first test on a single-passenger plane was a success. If all goes well, the tech could someday be used as a backup for pilots.
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HIV Cure?: Researchers say they’ve eliminated HIV from the DNA of infected mice for the first time, which could be a step toward curing the virus in humans. Scientists from Temple University and University of Nebraska used a combination of genome editing technology with a virus-suppression drug to get rid of the virus in nine out of 23 mice.
Read more: USA Today, CNN,

Stevie Wonder Transplant: Music legend Stevie Wonder is taking a break from music. Wonder told a crowd in London that he’s getting a kidney transplant in September and already has a donor. He'll play three more shows before his surgery and said he wants to reassure fans he'll be OK.
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Netflix Smoking: Netflix says it’ll cut back on how much smoking is shown in its original shows. A new report found smoking on the small screen is on the rise, thanks to some Netflix shows like Stranger Things. The video streaming company now says shows with TV-14 ratings or below will be smoking and e-cigarette-free except for historical or factual reasons.
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Box Office: Spider-Man: Far From Home continued to dominate the box office, bringing in $185 million in six days. It became Sony Pictures’ biggest six day opening weekend ever. It also broke records for biggest Tuesday ticket sales and the second-largest Fourth of July holiday. Disney’s Toy Story 4 came in second, and The Beatles tribute Yesterday was number three.
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