theNewsWorthy: Friday, July 5th, 2019


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Census Question: Turns out the White House is still determined to find a legally-acceptable way to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, which goes out every ten years to collect population data. It’s a change from what we heard earlier this week when officials said the census was already printing without the addition. Remember: the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration from making the change for now, and sent the case back to a lower court. Then, the president tweeted Wednesday that they’re still moving forward with adding the question.
Read more: NYT, AP, NPR

Trump Fourth of July Celebration: This year’s Fourth of July event in Washington D.C. included military tanks and vehicles on display, flyovers by military planes and a 45-minute speech from the president. Thousands showed up to hear the president talk, but critics called the show a waste of money. President Trump's speech focused on celebrating America’s history and military and included a fairly rare call for unity. The Pentagon expects to have cost estimates for the event next week.
Read more: WSJ, NYT, Washington Post

LA Earthquake: A powerful earthquake hit southern California yesterday. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit in a remote area about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, but an estimated 15 million people felt some shaking from LA to Las Vegas.
Read more: LA Times, ABC News

Jim Beam Fire: A fire at a Jim Beam warehouse is still burning. The warehouse had 45,000 barrels of bourbon in it. The fire, which started Tuesday night at a warehouse in Kentucky, is becoming an environmental concern. Thousands of gallons of bourbon have already spilled into nearby waterways.
Read more: USA Today, AP

Sports Roundup: The 106th Tour de France starts on Saturday in Brussels. The 2,000- mile bike race lasts more than 20 days and ends in Paris. Millions of fans are expected to line the route to watch the cyclists. This weekend is also the World Cup final: the U.S. Women’s soccer team is just one win away from its fourth World Cup title. They’ll play the Netherlands on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. And finally, yesterday was the famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest. Defending champs Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo won, each receiving $10,000 in prize money.
Read more (Tour De France): BBC
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FaceTime Update: Apple is testing a new feature on FaceTime. The “FaceTime Attention Correction” feature makes it look like users are making eye contact with the person they’re FaceTiming with, even if they're really looking down at the screen instead of the camera. Apple is likely using image manipulation to change the way users’ eyes look. The feature is being tested in the beta version of the new iOS software.
Read more: TechCrunch, The Verge

Uber Eats Dine-In: The first Uber service without a driver may be coming to Uber Eats. Uber Eats is testing a “dine-in” option where customers can pre-order food on the app and then eat at the restaurant they ordered from. Since users will take themselves to the restaurant, there’s no driver, which also means no service or delivery fee. Dine-in is being tested in Austin, Dallas, Tucson and San Diego.
Read more: CBS News, The Verge

Facebook Down: Facebook and Instagram are back up. The social media apps weren’t running properly for the majority of the day Wednesday. Users had problems loading pictures and videos, viewing Instagram stories and sending messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook blames the issue on routine maintenance.
Read more: USA Today, CNET, CNBC

MoviePass Shuts Down: Movie theater subscription service MoviePass is now shut down for the "several weeks." The company blames technical issues and says it’s working on a new version of the app. MoviePass has had plenty of problems since the company is running low on money. Subscribers won’t be charged during the shutdown.
Read more: Variety, Deadline

Box Office Update: Spider-Man: Far From Home grossed $27 million in North America on Wednesday, a record for any title in the Marvel cinematic universe. Also, we now know Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid will star actress and singer Halle Bailey as Ariel. Bailey is best known from the R&B duo Chloe X Halle. The film is expected to be released next year.
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