theNewsWorthy: Tuesday, July 9th, 2019


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Trump's Financial Records: New York’s governor signed a bill that requires officials to share the president's state tax returns if Congress asks for them (which they likely will). However, the bill is expected to face legal challenges, which may delay documents from changing hands. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress have issued dozens of new subpoenas for the president’s financial records as part of an ongoing lawsuit. President Trump's business dealings are alleged to have violated the Constitution’s ban on gifts or payments from foreign governments. The Trump administration is fighting the case.
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Jeffery Epstein Charged: Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who has been linked to celebrities and presidents, is now facing new federal sex trafficking charges. He's in jail as he waits for the next step in his case. Prosecutors say he lured young girls to luxury homes and paid them for sex acts. Epstein pleaded not guilty yesterday and his defense calls this an improper redo of a past case that ended with a secret plea deal.
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Primary Race 2020: Democrat Eric Swalwell has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. He is the first to drop out since January. He struggled to get attention in the crowded field and never got more than 1 percent in national polling. The second debate is happening later this month on CNN. The “live draw” will be held next week to decide which candidates will debate on which night.
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DC Flooding: The nation's capital and surrounding areas were hit with a flash flooding emergency yesterday. Washington DC saw three to four inches of rain in just one hour, almost as much as the area typically gets in a month. The weather prompted a bunch of water rescues and stranded cars. That said, the Northeast should get a much-needed break from severe weather today and tomorrow.
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See Saturn: If you look up tonight, you may get a glimpse of Saturn. It’s the brightest Saturn will be this year and the closest it will get to Earth in 2019. You'll be able to see Saturn with the naked eye, but you’ll still need a telescope to see Saturn’s famous rings. Now is a good time to try both.
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Coco Gauff Out: 'Coco' Gauff’s magical run at Wimbledon is now over. The 15-year-old tennis player became the youngest person to make it this far in Wimbledon since 1991. Though she beat Venus Williams last week, she lost yesterday to Romanian tennis star Simona Halep. Experts say we'll see much more of Gauff in the future...
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World Cup Ratings: An average of 14 million people watched the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday, meaning it was one of the most watched soccer games in U.S. history. This year’s final had more U.S. viewers than last year’s Men’s World Cup final, though it fell short of the women’s victory in 2015.
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Amazon Strike: Some Amazon employees are planning to strike on Prime Day. Warehouse employees in Minnesota are planning to strike for six hours on July 15th. Amazon has faced criticism about worker conditions, but the company says it already offers workers “excellent pay” and “opportunities.” The company raised its minimum pay to $15/hour. The strike likely won’t affect Prime Day since it’s happening at only one of Amazon’s 100 warehouses.
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IG's Anti-Bullying Efforts: Instagram is introducing two new features to combat online bullying. The first one uses artificial intelligence to flag comments that may be considered offensive. The second feature is called “restrict,” and it’s basically another version of blocking or muting. Both features are expected to roll out by the end of the year.
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Google Coding: Google debuted a new program called “Code with Google” to offer free coding curriculum for teachers to use with students. The program is meant to help bridge the gap in computer science education. On top of the free resources, Google also announced a $1 million grant to the Computer Science Teachers Association.
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Stranger Things 3 Record: Stranger Things 3 broke its four-day record. Nearly 41 million households watched the third season of the series since launch, which is more than any other film or series in its first four days on Netflix.
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