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The travel ban is back in what President Trump calls a “tremendous victory.” The U.S. Supreme Court gave it the thumbs up in a split 5 to 4 decision, saying President Trump does have the power to put the travel ban in place.
What is the so-called travel ban again? It bans travelers from eight countries from coming into the U.S. The majority of people in six of those countries are Muslim. Trump said it’s about national security. Legal challengers said it’s unconstitutional discrimination and lower courts had struck down three versions of it. Now the highest court says it’s allowed.
The Opinions

The Washington Post reports Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion, saying the travel ban doesn’t even mention religion and is “squarely within the scope of presidential authority.” Justice Sotomayor disagreed and wrote that this is no better than allowing the detention of Japanese-Americans during World War II (even though this week’s majority ruling actually stated it’s discrediting that old ruling in the decision).
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on another case yesterday as well. The court blocked a California law that required all pregnancy centers to provide information on abortion, even when they’re against abortion. The court said that’s a violation of free speech.

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A California judge ruled U.S. border authorities must reunite families separated at the border, and they have 30 days to do it (half that time for kids younger than five).

The AP reports the judge also issued an injunction, declaring no more family separations anywhere in the country unless the parent is deemed unfit.
Remember: more than 2,000 families who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border have been separated in the last few months. The president later issued an executive order to stop the separations, but it’s been a process to get the families already apart back together.

Also, Reuters reports, more than a dozen states have now sued the Trump administration over this issue.

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The three candidates President Trump had endorsed won in last night’s Republican primaries, including Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee.
As for Democrats, TIME calls a race in New York the biggest upset of the 2018 elections so far. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat the incumbent Joe Crowley, who was expecting to keep his seat in the House.
Voters from both parties made decisions in seven states this week. The midterm elections are now four months away.

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Uber is on probation in London, but it’s still a win for the company. Uber had lost its license to operate in London last September, but this week, a British judge gave the company a 15-month license as long as it follows some new rules.
The BBC says Uber agreed to things like improving how it reports crimes and making sure its drivers take a break during long shifts. Some say this decision could mean more cities go after Uber and try to make some rule changes.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"My mind was opening. I was becoming aware, and very intent on what I was doing. This is mindfulness."
From Optimal Health Daily



Boeing has big plans for a hypersonic jet and just revealed its first-ever design for it. We’re talking about a plane that could go nearly 3,900mph: LA to Tokyo in three hours or New York to London in just two.
CNBC reports not to get too excited yet. The hypersonic jet probably won’t actually be taking travelers anywhere for another 20-30 years.

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Facebook banned any ads about cryptocurrency at the start of the year, but that’s changing. The social site is reversing its original decision and will be giving the green light to some crypto ads.
Recode reports advertisers will have to apply and get pre-approved. Facebook says they’ll have to show they have the proper licenses and provide other background info. The original ban was because of shady companies wanting to get in on the recent cryptocurrency craze.

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The new version of Google Maps is starting to roll out this week.

What’s new about it? TechCrunch says there are new “Explore” and “For You” tabs.
The "Explore" tab lets you learn more about what’s happening around you at that moment. The new “For You" tab shows you recommendations for restaurants and venues and lets you get updates about certain neighborhoods you want to follow.
FYI: The main maps part isn’t changing.

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