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We’re starting to see more of the effects from all the trade tension. Motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is moving some of its manufacturing out of the U.S. because of tariffs.
Remember: President Trump put an extra tax on some steel and aluminum imports from other countries. He said it was to keep American jobs and give American manufacturing companies a boost, and experts say it’s also a negotiation tool. But, as expected, other countries and the European Union retaliated with tariffs on U.S. goods. It’s apparently costing Harley-Davidson about $100 million more a year.
So Harley-Davidson is planning to move all manufacturing for EU sales overseas, which likely means layoffs in the U.S.

President Trump said he's surprised and called on the company to “be patient.”
In other trade news:

Reports said President Trump plans to further restrict China from investing in U.S. tech companies and getting U.S. technology, and it sent the Dow falling by more than 300 points yesterday. One of Trump’s top trade advisors told CNBC it’s an overreaction and no more crackdowns are planned

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What’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border has changed again.

Reports say some families crossing the border illegally are now being let go, as long as they promise to come back for their court date. Basically, it’s the “catch and release” method that was used before Trump’s new “zero tolerance policy.”
Why? The White House says it just doesn’t have the resources to house all the families together. There aren’t enough detention centers.
Remember: the "zero tolerance policy" led to family separations until an executive order said to detain families together. Now, that doesn’t seem possible.

So, the Department of Defense is now working to build temporary detention camps, or tent camps, for these families on two military bases. They’re expected to be open next month.




The controversy over the White House press secretary getting kicked out of a restaurant over the weekend is getting even more attention now. It started when the owner of a restaurant asked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave. The owner later told the Washington Post she feels the administration’s policies are inhumane, but that everyone involved was polite about the whole thing.
Well, it went viral, and the restaurant has been overwhelmed with attention from both sides (but a lot of negative). Even the president weighed in yesterday, calling the place “unsanitary.”
Now there’s disagreement among some Democrats about whether this was the right thing to do. Some lawmakers say it’s time to fight back against these policies in a new way. Others say we should talk policy without impacting people’s personal lives.

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Wildfires are causing some evacuations in Northern California. The governor just declared a state of emergency to get more federal help.
CNN says the wildfires are about 100 miles northwest of Sacramento in Lake County. Officials are blaming the weather: hot temperatures, high winds and low humidity. So far, there are no reports of anyone hurt, but the AP says it’s a sign this year’s fire season could bring more destruction.

Read more: CNNAP



It’s official. For the first time, the FDA has approved a drug made from the marijuana plant. The medicine is called Epidiolex and it treats certain seizures.
To be clear: it doesn’t actually get you high. It’s made from a plant compound without THC. Still, this government approval hasn’t happened before. Business Insider reports it could mean a wave of new research into other marijuana-based drugs.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"A big success isn't the ceiling; it's the foundation of your next leap."
From Optimal Business Daily



More media companies are joining forces and trying to deal with more and more people getting rid of cable. This time, Gray Television is buying Raycom Media. If it goes through, the Wall Street Journal says it’ll become the third largest television station conglomerate in the U.S.

Read more: WSJ



Venmo has always just been in your smartphone, but it’s coming out with a physical debit card for your wallet. You swipe it like any other debit card, and the money comes out of your Venmo balance. It’s accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
Mashable says you’ll still be able to see the transactions and split charges with friends with the Venmo app. If this interests you, and you want more physicalplastic, you can apply for a limited release of the card right now.

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Facebook is making it easier for people to chat on Messenger who speak different languages. CNET says the tool is called M Translations, and it will automatically translate English and Spanish for users in the U.S. and Mexico.
The software is supposed to always ask you first if you want the messages translated. Facebook says it has plans to add more languages to the tool in the future.

Read more: CNET



Not all Instagram stars are human! CNN aired a report about some social celebrities who are actually CGIOne, called Lil Miquela, has more than a million Instagram followers. She’s even had partnerships with brands.
Some say almost everything on Instagram has been photoshopped anyway. Others say it’s dangerous when young people may not realize these images aren’t human.

Read more: CNN



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