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More analysis has been coming out about this week’s historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.
A quick reminder: the meeting happened in Singapore Tuesday morning. The two leaders shook hands, talked for hours and ended with a signed agreement. North Korea promised to work toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. President Trump said he’ll stop what he calls “war games,” basically military exercises held with South Korea.
CNBC has a list of more than a dozen experts who weighed in on the meeting and the deal. So here are a few highlights:
First, the praise: Experts say any peaceful talks with North Korea helps make sure we don’t go to war. One expert called it a "perfect outcome" for now as a lasting deal takes time.
Critics say that signed agreement is weak and the promises are vague. They worry Kim Jong-un was able to force President Trump to the table by developing nuclear weapons – not a great signal to send other countries. Also, critics didn’t love the ongoing compliments for a dictator who is responsible for major human rights violations.
Almost all agreed on one thing though: the success or failure of this whole thing depends on the next step. What really comes out of this, if anything? Stay tuned.

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AT&T now has the green light to buy Time Warner. A federal judge approved the $85 billion deal yesterday, even though the Justice Department tried to block it.
Why does this matter?

Well, for one: these are two huge companies. It's the number two wireless carrier in the U.S. (AT&T) buying a media powerhouse. Time Warner owns Warner Bros., CNN, HBO and more. Also, Bloomberg reports this ruling paves the way for more mega deals, which can change the tech and media landscapes for good.
The Justice Department tried to argue the deal will hurt competition and innovation while increasing prices in the pay TV market, but it didn’t work. AT&T says the deal is needed to have any chance against companies like Netflix and Amazon.
The AT&T takeover is expected to go through in a week.

Also of note: Reports say to expect Comcast to announce a bid today to buy 21st Century Fox (yes, the same company Disney was already planning to buy).

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This year, the World Cup is in Russia, and it all starts tomorrow, but a vote today will determine where the World Cup will be held in 2026.

Soccer officials from around the world will be voting between two options: Morocco or a joint bid by the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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Americans gave more money to charity last year than ever before. Yes, a new report found charitable giving hit a record high of more than $400 billion.
Giving was up more than 5% from 2016, but the report said billionaires giving to their own foundations were a big part of the increase.

Read more: USA Today



Two very different companies are both planning for some big job cuts: Tesla and McDonald's.

The Wall Street Journal says Tesla will be cutting about nine percent of its workforce. The company has not been profitable yet, and apparently, it’s make-or-break time. The layoffs are expected to impact 3,500 employees.
At McDonald's, layers of managers are expected to be let go by the end of the month, but no word yet on exactly how many.

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"Extremes are easy, but balance is difficult."
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Look out: Instagram wants to help businesses make more money by getting you to spend more. It’s adding “shoppable tags” right into Instagram stories. It may say the product’s name or just show a little shopping bag on the picture.
For now, only a handful of brands have the new feature, but it'll be rolling out to more brands soon.

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E3 2018

Much of the tech talk this week has been about E3. That stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s the biggest gaming convention of the year (interactive games for computers and consoles). Think Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.
There have been some announcements from companies, like how Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released in December.

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Starting today, ten new states will get those extra Amazon Prime member discounts at Whole Foods. If you pay yearly or monthly for Prime, you can get 10% off sale items at the grocery store. In some places, Prime members can get free two-hour delivery as well.
You do have to set it up using the Whole Foods app or your phone number. Amazon says all U.S. Whole Foods will have the discount available this summer.

This comes nearly a year after Amazon bought Whole Foods.

Read more: CNN Money



Apparently, a big threat to good pizza is a pothole. Domino’s is doing something about it. Yes, it seems to be another company's marketing stunt. This one is called "Paving for Pizza."
The good news? Domino's is actually paying to help fix potholes in some towns and cities across the U.S. You can even go to a certain website to nominate your town.
It’s already hit a few, like Athens, Georgia and Burbank, California.
Of course, the potholes that get fixed will have Domino's logo on the new pavement, with the slogan “Oh yes we did.”

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