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History has officially been made.

After all the back and forth, President Trump and Kim Jong-un met face-to-face. It’s the first time a sitting U.S. president and North Korean leader have met in-person.
There were a lot of photo-ops, compliments and five hours of talks.
Now, President Trump said the two have a “special bond” and that he “absolutely” will invite Kim to the White House. Before that, President Trump also told reporters the series of meetings were “really fantastic” and “better than anyone could have expected.”  Kim Jong-un said there will be challenges, but they will work together.
It all started with a handshake in front of cameras Tuesday morning (Singapore time). Then, the two leaders met briefly with just the two of them and translators before it opened up to some advisers. They had a working lunch, a couple strolls together and an unscheduled signing.
Yes, both men signed a document that says North Korea will commit working toward denuclearization. President Trump will be holding another news conference to discuss the agreement.
One expert told CNN that the meeting itself is historic, but also chilling; that it will be viewed in North Korea as the moment the U.S. teated North Korea as an equal. The expert said it’s probably exactly what Kim Jong-un wanted when he tested missiles and made threats in the past.
Remember: North Korea is a brutal regime, known to have concentration camps and even executing certain members of its family.
Expect a lot more analysis throughout the day, especially once President Trump’s first TV interview airs tonight on FOX News.
Former NBA star Dennis ROdman showed up in Singapore, although President Trump has said he wasn’t specifically invited.
Still, he gave an emotional interview to CNN yesterday. He was weeping as he said, “Today is a great day.” He also said he was misunderstood and received death threats years ago when he wanted this to happen. Remember: Rodman first went to North Korea back in 2013 and has visited many times since. He’s faced a lot of backlash for becoming friends with the dictator.

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President Trump’s top economic adviser was on his way to Singapore when he had a heart attack last night.
The good news? He’s apparently doing okay. The White House says it was a mild heart attack and he’s in good condition.

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It was a split vote (5-4), but the U.S. Supreme Court has made another decision. This one is about who’s allowed to vote, or rather, who isn’t allowed.
Basically, the decision means it’s okay that Ohio kicked thousands of registered voters off the voting rolls, saying if you don’t use it, you lose it. If voters skip a few elections and then don’t respond to a notice, they would then need to re-register.
Supporters say this helps keep the integrity of the ballot, making sure the state’s voter registration lists stay up-to-date. But civil rights groups say the court should be trying to make it easier for people to vote, not harder.
Axios reports all states will sometimes clean up their voter rolls and remove a handful of voters for, well, not voting in years. But Ohio tends to be more aggressive about it, and it’s especially a hot issue there because it’s a big swing state that can sometimes determine the outcome of presidential elections.

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Will AT&T be allowed to buy Time Warner? A judge will make the call today: block the deal or give it the green light.
The Justice Department has argued it should be blocked, on the grounds that these are two huge companies that will hurt competition if they join forces. The two companies say it’s needed to compete with big digital companies like Netflix.
If the deal goes through, we’re talking about movie studios, TV channels, cell phone networks, and more all under one roof. Time Warner owns Warner Brothers, HBO, and CNN, just to name a few. AT&T is, of course, a telecom giant. To be continued.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"Faith in yourself isn't the result of success; it's the cause of it."
From Optimal Relationships Daily



Uber wants to know when you’re drunk, and may have the technology to do it.
CNN and The Verge report Uber filed for a patent to use artificial intelligence to know how you typically use the Uber app, and then notice when things are off. If you’re drunk, it may warn the Uber driver, or not allow you to take shared rides with other passengers.
Keep in mind Uber just wants a patent at this point. It’s not something in the Uber app right now.

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There’s likely going to be a Game of Thrones prequel, set years before the current show. But it’s not set in stone yet. HBO is reportedly considering a few different scripts, and has asked at least one script to be made into a pilot episode. Still, no guarantees.
The author and GOT mastermind said in a blog post that he votes for it to be called “The Long Night,” but doesn’t think HBO will go for it. Of course, this will all come after the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones drops next year. Stay tuned.

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IHOP changed its name, at least for now, to IHOb. Yes, it’s a marketing tactic, and it seemed to work and get people talking.
Time reports the International House of Pancakes said the b is for “burgers,”because IHOP is now offering burgers at its restaurant. Well, Burger King got in on the marketing action, and changed its name on Twitter to “Pancake King.”

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