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Mexico-U.S. Deal: President Trump is suspending the five percent tariffs he threatened to put on all goods coming into the U.S. from Mexico after the two countries reached a last-minute deal on immigration policy. Mexico said it would send 6,000 National Guard troops to its border with Guatemala and expand its program for asylum seekers. A report in The New York Times says officials had already made the deal months ago, so this isn't really new. President Trump called the report false.
Read more: NYT, AP, Politico, FOX News, The Hill

Mueller Hearings Begin: A series of public hearings about the Mueller report start today. A House committee wants to shine a spotlight on the allegations in the report, including possible obstruction of justice and Russia’s interference in U.S. elections. Though we won’t hear from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself, the committee will interview two former FBI officials and former White House Counsel John Dean, who was a part of the Watergate scandal.
Read more: AP, CNN, The Hill, ABC News

Hong Kong Protests: Hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong held a mostly peaceful protest over the weekend. It was estimated to be the largest protest in more than 20 years. People are fighting against the passing of an extradition bill that would mean people accused of crimes could be transferred to China to stand trial. Critics are afraid the potential law could be used to target people who speak out against the government.
Read more: BBC, WSJ, NYT, USA Today

Weather Update: Wet weather is still lingering in parts of the southern U.S. after more than a month’s worth of rain fell in a single day on Sunday. Roads became rivers and there were high-water rescues. Some areas in North Carolina had to declare states of emergency. Several deaths across a few states have been blamed on the severe weather, including one in downtown Dallas when a construction crane fell on an apartment building. On the West Coast, a heat wave could break records this week.
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French Open: Rafael Nadal just made history by winning the French Open for the 12th time. No one in tennis history has ever won any major tournament that many times. Nadal is close to reaching another record: he’s won 18 Grand Slam trophies and needs just two more to tie the men’s record. Women’s French Open winner Ash Barty won her first Grand Slam ever.
Read more: USA Today, ESPN, Tennis Magazine

NBA, NHL Finals: Tonight’s NBA game is a big one: if the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors, they win the whole thing. Also, the Stanley Cup Finals will go to Game 7. The Boston Bruins beat the St. Louis Blues last night, so both hockey teams are tied in the series. Winner takes all on Wednesday.
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ISS Open for Biz: NASA says the International Space Station (ISS) will soon be open for business, allowing people who pay a chance to visit. Commercial businesses, space tourists and private astronauts will be able to visit starting next year. The private companies promising to take people to space will have to pay NASA $35,000 per passenger, per night on top of the cost of transportation.
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Comcast Fined: A judge ordered Comcast to pay a $9.1 million fine for adding charges to customers’ bills without their permission. It was the ruling after the state of Washington sued the company. Comcast will have to also refund every customer plus 12 percent interest within 60 days.
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Microsoft Xbox:  Microsoft has unveiled its newest version of Xbox.  The device is supposed to be four times more powerful than its Xbox One X with features including 8K graphics. It’ll be released next year. Microsoft also said it’ll start testing both its subscription game service and its new streaming service this October. The streaming service will let gamers stream games to a mobile device. The announcements helped kick off E3, the gaming industry’s big annual event.
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Tony Award Winners: Ali Stroker is the first-ever actor in a wheelchair to win a Tony Award. She won for her role in the musical, Oklahoma!, which is currently a hit on Broadway. The musical Hadestown led the way with a total of eight awards, including Best New Musical and Best Director. Oklahoma! won Best Musical Revival and The Ferryman won Best Play. Broadway overall is feeling pretty good since it's ending the season with record ticket sales and attendance.
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Weekend Box Office: The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Dark Phoenix were numbers one and two at the box office, though both films debuted well-below expectations. Aladdin came in third place. 
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