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Tariffs Talks: More negotiations happening today between the U.S. and Mexico. President Trump wants Mexico to help stop people crossing the border into the U.S. illegally or face tariffs as soon as Monday. Mexico has said it'll send 6,000 national guardsman to its border with Guatemala, but U.S. officials also want to see changes to the asylum rules. Stay tuned.
Read more: AP, WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg

West Point Crash: At least one West Point cadet is dead and more than 20 others are hurt after a military truck flipped over. Officials are still working to figure out the exact cause. West Point is one of the country’s five service academies. Cadets were on their way to a training exercise when the truck rolled.
Read more: NPR, NBC News

NYPD Apology: The New York City police commissioner has issued a formal apology for the Stonewall Inn raid. The raid, which happened fifty years ago, led to six days of violence and protests, and it sparked the modern movement for LGBTQ rights. Critics think the apology took too long. A massive Pride celebration is planned for later this month to commemorate the Stonewall riots.
Read more: Vox, AP, NPR

New Robocalls Rule: Cell phone carriers can now block robocalls by default. A new ruling from the FCC gives phone companies permission to assume customers want those scam calls stopped. Phone companies have tried to stop them in the past, but customers had to opt-in and companies weren’t sure if it was actually legal. Now, the FCC clarified things. You'll still have the option to opt out. 
Read more: CNN, Washington Post, USA Today

Women’s World Cup, Stanley Cup: The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts today in France. A total of 24 nations will compete for the trophy over the next four weeks. The U.S. women’s national team is one of the favorites to win since they’re the returning champs. The first game kicks off today at 3pm EDT when France plays South Korea. Also in sports: it's game six this Sunday in the Stanley Cup finals. If the St. Louis Blues win, they win the Stanley Cup.
Read more (World Cup): CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated
Read more (Stanley Cup): ESPN
Commercial Robots: Robots are getting more and more coordinated, which means they could take over even more jobs. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he thinks robots will soon be as good at grasping items as humans are, which has been a big challenge. This development could automate some warehouse jobs in as little as ten years.
Read more: Reuters
Uber Copter:  Starting next month -- you can take an Uber helicopter, but only if you’re in New York City. The new ride is called Uber Copter and you can book one right on Uber’s app. For now, it only flies between JFK Airport and lower Manhattan. The flight will take about eight minutes and cost about $200.
Read more: Engadget, The Verge
Spotify + Obamas: The Obamas are getting into the podcast world. Barack and Michelle Obama signed a multiyear deal with Spotify to make podcasts exclusively for the streaming service through their production company, Higher Ground. There aren’t a lot of details yet, but Michelle Obama says she hopes they’ll help people connect emotionally and open their minds and hearts. Earlier this year the Obamas made a similar deal with Netflix.
Read more: The Verge, NBC News
Tony Awards: The biggest night in Broadway is this weekend. The 2019 Tony Awards air Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS. James Corden is hosting. This year’s Broadway season broke attendance and box office records, hitting $2 billion in ticket sales.
Read more: Rolling Stone, Billboard
Dog Stress: When you’re stressed, your dog could be, too. Swedish researchers found certain dog breeds and their owners had similar cortisol levels -- meaning owners with high cortisol levels had dogs with high levels. The relationship didn’t work in reverse (dogs with anxiety didn’t create nervous owners). Researchers don’t know why dogs are stressed when their humans are stressed, but it’s likely because of their close bond.
Read more: National Geographic, AP