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Secret Mexico Deal?: President Trump says there’s more to his deal with Mexico, and that a secret, signed agreement will now have to be approved by Mexico’s lawmakers. There are some conflicting reports about what this could be referring to. Mexico’s foreign minister told The New York Times that he's not aware of any other deal, but The Washington Post is reporting the proposed deal could mean asylum seekers would need to apply for protection in the first foreign country they reach. Stay tuned for clarifying details...
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Mueller Evidence: The Justice Department now says it will hand over key evidence from the Russia investigation. Democrats have been fighting to get their hands on the full, unredacted final report. They subpoenaed Attorney General William Barr for it and had planned to vote today to hold him in contempt of Congress for refusing to provide it. That vote has now been called off. Instead, Barr and the DOJ have agreed to give Congress underlying evidence. But will it be enough? TBD. Also, former White House Counsel John Dean testified on Capitol Hill yesterday, and he said Mueller’s report provided Congress with a “road map” for investigating Trump. Trump tweeted disbelief that anyone would listen to a "disgraced" former official.
Read more: NYT, WSJ, AP

Crash-Landing on Skyscraper: A helicopter made a crash-landing onto the roof of a Manhattan skyscraper yesterday. It started a fire, but officials say it was likely an accident rather than an attack. The pilot was reportedly flying during rainy, foggy weather but the cause of the crash is still unknown. The pilot died, but no one else was hurt.
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Dead Zone: The Gulf of Mexico could see one of its largest “dead zones” this summer. Sea life struggle to survive in the areas of oxygen-depleted water off the coast of Louisiana and Texas each year, and this year, it’s expected to be about 8,000 square miles – about the size of New Hampshire. Flooding following the season’s unprecedented rainfall is likely to blame. But it's not all bad when it comes to environment news. Last week, actor Robert Downey Jr. announced a new organization committed to using advanced technologies, like AI robots, to clean up the environment. The Footprint Coalition expects to make an impact within ten years, but no specifics have been provided yet.
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“Big Papi” Shot:  Baseball legend David Ortiz, who played for the Red Sox, is recovering after being shot at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz, known to his fans as Big Papi, was shot in the back on Sunday. He spent six hours in surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.
Read more: ABC News
NBA Finals, Women’s World Cup: The NBA Finals are going into Game 6 after the Golden State Warriors won last night. The final score was 106-105. Star player Kevin Durant (who’s been out with a calf injury) returned to play for the Warriors, but that didn’t last long. Durant injured his Achilles tendon. The next game against the Toronto Raptors is Thursday. In the meantime, you can watch the U.S. play Thailand today in the Women’s World Cup. The U.S. team has never lost a World Cup opener and hopes to defend its World Cup title.
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Amazon “Bad Credit” Card: Amazon is partnering with Synchrony Bank to make a program for people with no credit or bad credit. Amazon’s Credit Builder aims to help users build up enough credit to eventually upgrade to a regular Amazon credit card. New accounts require a refundable security deposit.
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Celine Dion Leaves Vegas: Celine Dion ended her 16-year record-breaking residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas this weekend. During her final show, she debuted her new song “Flying on My Own” and paid tribute to her husband, who died in 2016. Dion has performed more than 1,000 shows in Las Vegas with more than $700 million in tickets sold, making her the most successful act to play there. She’ll be going on tour later this year to support her new album.
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Supersized Krispy Kreme: Krispy Kreme is opening a super-sized store in Times Square. The 4,500 square foot flagship location will feature a glaze waterfall and the world’s largest hot light, and will serve more doughnuts than any other Krispy Kreme location in the world. It’s set to open next year.
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