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For the first time in nearly two decades, the U.S. has more job openings than job-seekers. For workers, that’s good news. For companies hiring, it’s a little tougher. They may not be able to be quite as picky about who they bring on board.
The Wall Street Journal says there are still those people working one job who want something else, or workers stuck in part-time gigs who are looking to go full-time.

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The federal government is starting a new division to deal with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, just hired its first ever “digital currency” advisor; the “crypto chief” as some are calling her.
CNBC says Valerie Szczepanik will take over this brand-new role to try to handle the big innovation and serious risk that comes with crypto. The SEC just started a crackdown on initial coin offerings earlier this year.

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Medicare money may run out sooner than expected – about three years sooner. We’re talking 2026. That’s what the government said this week in a new report. It also concluded Social Security funds aren’t looking so great. The AP reports Congress may need to take action next year to try and deal with the issue.

Medicare is America’s health insurance program for people age 65 and older and for those with certain disabilities. Taxes from both workers and companies help pay for it.
Despite the new warning, the Treasury Secretary says the program is still secure.

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The volcano in Guatemala that exploded on Sunday exploded again yesterday, so there’s more evacuations happening. Already, dozens of people have died from the first and larger eruption, and the death toll could keep climbing.
CNN reports something called a pyroclastic flow happened in Guatemala. That’s when a mix of hot rock, ash, and gases speeds down the side of a volcano even faster than you can drive a car.
So, that’s a lot different than the eruption in Hawaii right now. Lava is the main issue there and it’s much slower. People have had time to get out of the way and no one has died. That said, it’s now destroyed hundreds more homes and caused other problems, even a month after it started.

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Today, many are mourning the death of fashion designer and businesswoman Kate Spade. She was known for “colorful yet classic” handbags and accessories.

People reports she was found dead in her New York apartment yesterday morning. There was a suicide note left on the scene.  She was 55.
Kate Spade launched her company in 1993 with her husband. Kate Spade has actually not been involved with that brand for about a decade now. USA Todaysays it was just in 2016 when she changed her name to Kate Valentine to match her new brand: Frances Valentine.
Those in charge of the Kate Spade brand today put out a statement saying Kate will always be its visionary founder, and “we honor all the beauty she brought into this world.” She leaves behind her husband and 13-year-old daughter.
Many celebrities are taking this time to remind their fans that they are not alone. There’s always help. You can even get confidential help through the national suicide hotline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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Today's Life Lesson:
"We ALL have bikini bodies because we have bodies--the bikini itself is optional."
From Optimal Health Daily



Big changes are coming to Miss America: no more swimsuit competitionThe current Miss America is even using the hashtag #byebyebikini.
I’s not just about scrapping the swimsuits. The evening gown part of the competition is also changing. Women can wear whatever they feel shows off their own style. The organization says it’s time for contestants to be judged more on their brains than their bodies, especially in light of the #MeToo movement.
The chairwoman, Gretchen Carlson, proudly announced the decision this week on ABC News. She was crowned Miss America back in 1989, and she’s the former Fox News anchor who sued Fox for claims of sexual harassment. She’s hoping more young women take part and feel empowered through leadership and scholarships.
The next competition is in September.

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Bill Clinton said even he was mad at himself after watching his own interview on The Today Show earlier this week.
This time, he was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he clarified that he did say sorry to Monica Lewinsky, her family, and the American people. He thinks the MeToo movement is long overdue.
Deadline reports he’s faced some backlash for his answers in interviews recently. He’s been promoting his new book, which is a political thriller.

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Apple’s popular wireless headphones, AirPods, will soon act as a sort-of hearing aid. The new feature for them will be called Live Listen.
CNET says the AirPods will work with your iPhone’s microphone to make it easier to hear conversations around you. For example, your phone could be placed at one end of the conference table so you can hear what’s being said while at the other end, or even from the back of the room.
Live Listen will be available with the next iPhone update, iOS 12, later this year.

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Facebook is testing a new feature called, Lip Sync Live. And yes, it's similar to the popular app, You'll pick a popular song and pretend to sing it, but it'll be while you're on Facebook LIVE.
Also, TechCrunch reports Facebook just made a bunch of deals with major record labels and other artists, so you can feel free to add in popular, copyrighted songs to your personal videos.

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The competition between social media platforms continues...

Now, the Wall Street Journal says Instagram might test out long-form video as a way to compete with YouTube. Instead of just allowing 60-second videos on Instagram now, it could possibly test 60 minute videos. Yes, one hour.

Why? Well, some say it could bring in more money: the longer the videos, the more time for ads. The report says these are still early plans, so it could change.

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