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There’s another big-deal decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. This one is about a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple back in 2012.
The couple said their civil rights were violated, and they were illegally discriminated against. The baker said the First Amendment gave him the right to refuse because of his religious beliefs.
Well, this week the baker was let off the hook. He won the case with the Supreme Court’s 7-2 ruling. The New York Times reports the justices felt there was hostility toward the baker’s religion.
But also of note: the justices went out of their way to say future decisions need to be made with tolerance on all sides, including protections for gay rights. The opinion even said this decision might not apply to every similar court case.

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It’s a big night for primaries. Vox calls it one of the most crowded primary days of the year, with eight states voting and key races in five of them, including California.

California is not only big, but it’s also unique. Voters won't just choose a top candidate within their own party (like in most states). Instead, all candidates run against each other, and they’re all on the ballot for everyone. In other words, California sends the top two candidates to the general election, even if they’re both Democrats, Republicans, or something else.
Vox says it’s high-stakes for Democrats this year. Why? There are a bunch of Democratic candidates, which means votes might be spread out among all of them, and that could hand Republican candidates the chance to win both top spots.

All of this could have a big effect on the final outcomes in November, so stay tuned. Want to learn more about the other states voting tonight? Got that for you right here.

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Former President Bill Clinton didn’t write the type of book you might expect: it’s a political thriller (a fiction novel).
CBS News says Bill Clinton teamed up with bestselling author James Pattersonto write the book, called The President is Missing. It’s written in the perspective of the president.

 While he’s been promoting that book, he’s faced questions about his real-life past, including whether or not he would have done anything differently now because of the Me Too movement. Clinton said nope.

He said on the Today Show that he would have dealt with the accusations in the same way he did 20 years ago. Of course, we’re talking about his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky (Clinton also said he still hasn't apologized to her). 

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The Philadelphia Eagles are officially uninvited to the White House. The team was expected to make the visit today in celebration of its Super Bowl win in February, but not anymore. However, CBS Sports reports some players had said earlier they would choose not to go anyway.
The White House released a statement last night about it. It said Trump will hold a different type of ceremony that plays the national anthem “loudly and proudly” and celebrates America. He's referencing the national debate about players who kneeled during the national anthem before games.

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Serena Williams says she’s beyond disappointed. She just had to drop out of the French Open. ESPN reports it’s all because of an injury to her chest muscle, which means she isn’t able to serve.
It was her first major tennis tournament since she gave birth and dealt with complications last September. She was having a great comeback. Now, she says, she’s staying positive and seeing all the specialists she can to be ready for the next event.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"Remove anything and everything from your life that contradicts your highest values."
From Optimal Living Daily



It’s the second breast cancer breakthrough reported this week.
Doctors say, for the first time, a woman was cured of an advanced form of breast cancer using her own immune system. Before this worked, she was told she only had three years to live. Now she’s been cancer-free for two years.
NPR reports doctors at the U.S. National Cancer Institute looked at the patient’s own DNA in a sample of the cancer, and then figured out how her own immune system cells could help cure it. It seems to have worked.
Keep in mind: that’s only one patient so far, and the same method hasn’t worked for two others. So there’s still a lot more research to do...

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Twitter is joining the S&P 500, and the stock likes it.
The S&P 500 is a pretty prestigious place for a company to be. It measures the performance of 500 of the largest companies traded in the U.S. Now Twitter is part of that.

It took the place of the seed company Monsanto, which was just bought by Bayer.

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Microsoft just made a major deal and bought GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock. It means one of the world’s largest software companies (Microsoft) is coming together with one of the world’s largest software-development platforms (GitHub).
Business Insider says more than 24 million developers use GitHub to host the code that powers their software projects. Microsoft is already one of the biggest contributors to GitHub.

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Here are a few of the highlights from the keynote speech at Apple’s annual developers conference yesterday.
First, a bunch of updates to its newest iPhone operating system. TechCrunch reports the new iOS 12 will include:

1 ) Group FaceTime: You can video chat with up to 32 people at once, and there will be stickers and filters available while you chat. 

2) There’s also a new animated emoji called a Memoji that you can set up to look like you (kind of like a Bitmoji).

3) Improvements to the AI assistant Siri, like custom commands.

The company also came through with a way to track how much time you’re spending in certain apps. You can even set up an alert to tell you when it’s time to put the phone down, called App Limits.

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If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a daughter, she won’t inherit the same title as her mom.
The Queen gave Harry and Meghan the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they got married last month, but dukedom can only be inherited by boys. Any daughters would be called “Lady.” And yes, this is the case even though Harry and Meghan both say they’re feminists.
That said, some changes have been made in recent years. Since 2013, only birth order (not gender) determines who will become king or queen of the UK.

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