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President Trump probably wouldn’t, but could, pardon himself. That’s at least what the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said on a couple Sunday morning political shows.
Giuliani said it’s just hypothetical – not something the president is actuallyplanning to do.
The Washington Post talked to some legal experts who don’t agree the president has that ability, and even some fellow Republican lawmakers said it would be a bad idea.
The topic was brought up because of a New York Times report about a letter from Trump’s legal team sent earlier this year to special counsel Robert Mueller (the prosecutor looking into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia before the election). The letter apparently made the argument that Trump couldn’t be charged with crimes like obstructing justice because he’s the president and has power over all federal investigations.

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President Trump will head to the G7 Summit in Quebec later this week, but there’s already some drama. The finance ministers got together this past weekend, and six of the seven countries (all but the U.S.) joined forces.
Canada, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Japan put out a joint statement saying they’re concerned and “disappointed” with the new tariffs the U.S. put in place last week.
REMEMBER: President Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the EU, Canada and Mexico. G7 stands for “Group of Seven” and is basically an informal group of advanced democracies that meet once a year.
The Wall Street Journal says it’s rare for G7 countries to come together like that and criticize one of its own members.
The U.S. Treasury Secretary isn’t acting worried. He says the U.S. still has a leadership role in the global economy.

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A news conference is expected today from students in Parkland, Florida, who survived the school shooting back in February. They announced plans for the news conference at their high school graduation ceremony last night. Organizers say they’ll be calling for more gun control laws.
USA Today reports the school honored four of the students killed by giving diplomas to their families at the graduation ceremony.
There was also a surprise speech. CNN says Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was there to make everyone laugh a little. He thanked the students for their courage and bravery, and he told them not to rest on their laurels -- or yannys.

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It’s been one full month now since the Kilauea volcano started erupting on the Big Island of Hawaii and began spewing lava into nearby neighborhoods. The newest issue? Some people who didn’t listen to evacuation orders might be trapped because of 'rivers' of lava surrounding the area.
At least a few are safe. Reuters reports a helicopter airlifted some of them out yesterday. There’s no other way out since lava is now covering the two major highways used as escape routes.

Also, a different volcano is erupting in Guatemala. ABC News reports more than two dozen people have died, many more are hurt and thousands evacuated.

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Most women with the most common form of early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy. That’s at least what a new international study found. The AP calls it the largest study ever done about breast cancer treatment.
Experts are calling it “fantastic news” that could change treatment plans quickly. Of course, it doesn’t apply to every patient, but CNN reports a gene test on a tumor sample could help figure out if a patient really needs chemo. If not, other treatments could work instead that have fewer side effects than chemo.

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Today's Life Lesson:
"Stop comparing Your life experience is as unique as your definition of success."
From Optimal Living Daily




By now, you’ve probably heard of meal kits from companies like Blue Apron or HelloFresh. 

Now, expect to see more of those kits at the grocery store. Starting this week, HelloFresh will start selling its meal kits inside hundreds of Giant Food and Stop & Shop stores (on the East Coast). The Wall Street Journal says it’s the largest launch of meal kits in grocery stores so far.
It's definitely not the only meal kit company going into retail, though. Blue Apron already started selling its kits in Costco last month. Albertsons bought the meal kit company Plated last year. Kroger says it’s buying Home Chef.

Read more: WSJ



You may notice some changes soon if you use Facebook. The “trending” news stories on the side of the homepage is going away. Instead, you may see “breaking news” labels on some news stories in your feed along with other labels Facebook is testing out.
It’s all part of Facebook’s attempt to stop so-called “fake news” from spreading on its site. The company also said the list of news stories didn’t get a lot of clicks on the site, anyway.

There may be some new Facebook privacy concerns. The New York Times is questioning Facebook’s partnership with dozens of device-makers over the last decade (think Apple, Samsung, and Amazon) and says those companies may have had access to you and your friends’ Facebook data over the years.

Facebook says any data sharing was revealed in privacy policies.

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Apple wants to help you with your iPhone addiction and plans to announce a new “Digital Health” tool. Bloomberg reports Apple is expected to reveal features in the new iPhone operating system that can track how much you use your phone and even let you set limits for yourself.
You might remember: Google also announced similar features for its Android tools. Instagram is looking into time tracking, too.
Expect to learn about other Apple updates today as well, including augmented reality features and the ability to run iPhone apps on your Mac. The announcements will be happening at Apple’s annual developers conference.

Apple will be live-streaming it on its website starting at 10 a.m. Pacific Time.

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Don’t worry, Android users: we haven’t forgotten about you! Bloomberg is reporting the new Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone will come out August 9th—at least that’s what some sources are telling them. They expect the phone to be called the Note 9 with an upgraded camera system and faster processor.

Stay tuned.

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In the future, we may not only be talking about the camera and what our smartphones can see, but also what they can smell!

Digital Trends reports researchers in Germany now have a prototype of a tiny “electronic nose.” It’s meant to sniff things faster than a human. It could be useful. It has the tech to evaluate gases or sniff out an electrical fire when it first starts. It may even be able to tell how fresh the fish is at the supermarket.

No word yet on exactly when to expect that on the newest smartphone…

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It’s better than most movies do on their second weekend in theaters, but The Hollywood Reporter says it’s disappointing for a Star Wars movieSolo: A Star Wars Movie still got number one at the box office in North America, but it didn’t reach the goals Disney was likely wanting.
In fact, the movie Deadpool 2 took back the number one spot around the world.


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