theNewsWorthy: Tuesday, March 5th, 2019


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Dems Investigate Update:  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has requested documents from 81 agencies and individuals, including the White House, WikiLeaks, the FBI, the president’s son and more. Nadler is trying to find out whether Trump abused his power and obstructed justice. President Trump has called this latest investigation a “hoax,” and the White House believes Democrats are after the president rather than the truth.
Read more: NYT, The Hill

China Trade Talks:  The U.S. and China are close to agreeing on a deal that would end the trade war. The agreement would see both countries lifting some tariffs. China may agree to reduce restrictions when it comes to American products. If things continue to go well, a final agreement could be made when Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet at the end of the month. Oh, and speaking of deals, Trump blamed the hearing with his former lawyer Michael Cohen for contributing to his decision to walk away during the summit. Cohen’s public testimony took place the same day as Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un. Read more (Trade Talks): Reuters, WSJ
Read more (North Korea): AP

HIV Cure?:  A British man appears to be the second person to be cured of HIV. He's been testing negative for the virus for almost three years. He received a bone marrow transplant from a donor with an HIV-resistant genetic mutation. The first patient to be cured was an American man who underwent a similar treatment in 2007. Experts say it’s not realistic that these transplant treatments could be a way of curing all patients, but others say it provides hope.
Read more: Reuters, CNN, TIME

RIP Luke Perry:  Celebrities and fans are sharing their memories on social media of actor Luke Perry ever since he died Monday. He had been hospitalized after suffering a massive stroke last week. Perry is best known for his role as Dylan on the 90s show Beverly Hills 90210 and, more recently, he was on the CW series Riverdale. He was 52.
Read more: Variety, USA Today

Mardi Gras:  Thousands of people will fill the streets of New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras today, but this year, there's some controversy. Critics say a group of performers wears blackface, and it’s offensive, but The Zulu Club insists its members wearing black makeup in the parade is about tradition, and that it's not the same thing.
Read more: AP, NPR
Google Underpaid Men:  Each year, Google completes an internal audit to see if it is underpaying women and minorities. The company says it found something it didn’t expect for 2018: men were the ones underpaid. Now, Google says its goal is to make sure women and men are paid the same for the same jobs. Google has faced criticism in the past for underpaying women.
Read more: Quartz, NYT
Tesla’s SUV:  Tesla says it’s making another electric SUV. The Model Y will be revealed next week. It’s Tesla’s fifth design since launching in 2003. The company is also planning to get rid of its retail stores in favor of online sales to keep costs down.
Read more: Axios, CNET
Southwest Hawaii Flights:  Southwest Airlines is now officially offering flights to Hawaii. The company has been working on it for a while, and had to wait for FAA approval, which was delayed because of the government shutdown that started in December. The first flights take off on March 17.
Read more: Fortune, USA Today
Fly For Free:  Do you want to fly for free for a year? You might get that chance if you delete all of your Instagram photos and get chosen. It’s part of JetBlue’s “All You Can Jet” contest. To enter, people have to delete or archive their Instagram feeds, then create a new post finishing off the slogan “All you can_____." Three winners will be chosen at random. See below for all the rules and details...

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