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Politics Roundup: 
1) House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is planning to request documents today from more than 60 people tied to President Trump and the Justice Department, including Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump Organization.
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2) It looks like the Senate has enough votes to pass the resolution to block Trump’s national emergency at the southern border. Of course, even if it does pass Congress, the president will likely veto it. The Senate is planning to vote next week.
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3) President Trump spoke for two hours during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). One issue? He said he’s planning to sign an executive order to guarantee free speech at colleges and universities, citing colleges that have cancelled events featuring conservative students or speakers due to boycotts or protests.
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4) The U.S. will stop the annual large-scale joint military exercises with South Korea. President Trump says the change is happening to save money and ease tension with North Korea.
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Selma Anniversary:  White House hopefuls were in Selma, Alabama this weekend for a ceremony remembering the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery 54 years ago. It's known as “Bloody Sunday." That march helped open the doors for equal voting rights in the 1960s. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also spoke at the ceremony.
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Stephon Clark Ruling:  The police officers who shot and killed an unarmed black man in Sacramento last year will not face criminal charges. Prosecutors made the announcement over the weekend, nearly a year after it happened. Stephon Clark died in his grandmother’s backyard during a chase with police. His family is suing the city. A separate state review is ongoing.
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Severe Weather:  Multiple tornadoes hit Lee County, Alabama yesterday in what appears to be the deadliest tornado outbreak in five years. At least 23 people died, and the death toll is expected to rise. Thousands lost power in Alabama and Georgia during. Also, the Midwest was hit with plenty of snow over the weekend, and the storm is moving to the northeast. Public schools in both Boston and New York City will be closed today.
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Crew Dragon:  SpaceX is now the first private company to send an American-made spacecraft designed for human travel to the International Space Station. For the past eight years, NASA astronauts have been using Russian spacecrafts to ride to the ISS, but that could change thanks to the “Crew Dragon.” It’s set to head back to Earth later this week. No humans are on board for the test, but the goal is to send astronauts in it to the ISS later this year.
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Lyft IPO:  Ride-sharing startup Lyft filed for an initial public offering last week. The company is hoping its market value is around $20-25 billion. Like many big tech companies, Lyft has still never made a profit; in fact, they’re losing money. Lyft rival Uber is also planning to file an IPO in 2019.
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Cameras on Planes:  Some of the world’s biggest airlines have confirmed some planes have cameras by the seat-back in-flight entertainment screens. They say they aren’t using them – at least for now – but could be used in the future for  video conferencing. The airlines say the cameras were added to the entertainment screens by the manufacturers, but some passengers are worried about privacy.
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Women’s History Month:  March is Women’s History Month, and Yelp is making it easier to support women-owned businesses. The new feature allows businesses to mark that their company is women-owned, and customers can search for it on Yelp. Also of note: Toni Harris is making history as the first woman to commit to a college on a full football scholarship. It looks like she’ll play at Central Methodist University in Missouri. Harris says she’s determined to be the first woman to play in the NFL.
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Leaving Neverland Lawsuit:  A high-profile documentary detailing allegations against Michael Jackson is now playing on HBO, and HBO is facing a lawsuit over it.Leaving Neverland  follows two men who claim the pop singer sexually assaulted them as young boys. The Jackson estate is suing HBO for $100 million, saying that the movie is a "public lynching."
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Weekend Box Office:  This weekend’s box office winner was How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The animated movie was number one for the second weekend in a row. Green Book also had a good weekend: the film had the biggest bump from the Oscars in eight years compared to previous Best Picture award-winners.

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