theNewsWorthy: Wednesday, March 6th, 2019


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R. Kelly Interview:
 R&B singer R. Kelly is defending himself in a new interview with CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King today. He's seen crying, cursing and begging for people to believe him. He denies the sexual assault allegations against him and says he’s fighting for his life. It’s his first interview since he was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse last month.
Read more: CBS News, TIME

Migrant Families Arrested: The U.S. has set a record for the most arrests of migrant families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border within one year. Top border enforcement officials say government facilities are full and agents are overwhelmed. The White House says the new numbers show there really is a crisis at the border and a need for a border wall. Others say a wall won’t work.
Read more: WSJ, NYT, NBC News

North Korea Launch Site: New satellite photos appear to show North Korea restoring a missile launch site – one that the country has claimed it was dismantling. The photos were taken days after President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met in Vietnam without making a deal on denuclearization.
Read more: NBC News, WSJ

London Terror Plot: Police are investigating a terror plot in London. Three explosive devices were found near major London hubs: Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Waterloo Train Station. One burst into flames when it was opened, but no one was hurt.
Read more: BBC, CNN

Preventing Veteran Suicides:  About 20 veterans die by suicide every day, a rate 1.5 times higher than those who have not served in the military. This week, President Trump signed an executive order to create a new task force to help lower the suicide rate among military vets.
Read more: FOX News, CNN

U.S. Budget Deficit:  The U.S. federal deficit is increasing. A report from the Treasury Department indicates that the deficit is 77 percent higher than it was at the same time last year. Federal spending is up by 9 percent, while money coming in from taxes is down by 2 percent. Also, credit card debt in the U.S. is also on the rise. As of December, credit card debt hit a record $870 billion.
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Read more (Credit Card Debt): Bloomberg

Vaccines & Autism:  Another new long-term study says the measles vaccine does not cause autism. Researchers from Denmark studied more than half-a-million children for a decade – some vaccinated, some not – and found no sign of increased risk of autism for the children who got the vaccine.
Read more: USA Today, NPR, NBC News

New Depression Treatment: The FDA just gave approval to a new type of treatment for depression, and millions of Americans might benefit. It's the first FDA approval for a depression drug since Prozac was approved in the 80s. It's called Esketamine, and is produced a prescription nasal spray. It's meant for people who suffer from depression but don't see improvement from other treatment options.
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Spielberg v. Netflix: Steven Spielberg says he’s working to get Netflix booted from next year’s Academy Awards, but he's also facing some pushback in Hollywood. Last month, Netflix original Roma was nominated for Best Picture, and it seems Netflix already has big hopes for Best Picture in 2020. We'll see if it's allowed by then.
Read more: AP, The Hollywood Reporter
Forbes Billionaire List:  According to Forbes, the wealthiest person in the world is – once again – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. He’s followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, then Warren Buffett. Overall, the combined wealth of the world’s billionaires is down from last year by about $400 billion.
Read more: Forbes, CBS News
Ash Wednesday:  It’s Ash Wednesday, which means you may see Christians wearing a smudge of ashes on their foreheads. Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, when many Christians give up vices or luxuries for the 40 days leading up to Easter.
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