theNewsWorthy: Friday, March 1st, 2019


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Summit Aftermath:
 U.S. and North Korean leaders have given contradicting reasons for why the two leaders were unable to reach an agreement at the summit in Vietnam this week. President Trump says he walked away because Kim Jong-un would only get rid of some nuclear weapons if the U.S. lifted all sanctions. North Korea says not true. Also, while some lawmakers are praising the president for his willingness to walk away, others are criticizing his statement about Otto Warmbier. Trump said he believes Kim Jong-un had nothing to do with the death of the American college student.
Read more: The Hill, CBS News, Bloomberg, AP, BBC

Cohen Follow-Up:  House Democrats are planning a follow-up investigation after President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee this week. The Committee wants to interview Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. along with other close allies, like the CFO of The Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg.
Read more: WSJ, Politico, Time

Israel PM Indicted:  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will likely face serious criminal charges in a series of corruption cases. The news comes just weeks before he hopes to be re-elected. If Netanyahu is indicted as planned, it would mark the first time in Israeli history that a sitting prime minister is charged with a crime. 
Read more: AP, CBS News, PBS

Facebook Cryptocurrency:  Facebook is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency for the WhatsApp encrypted messaging app. The idea is to let users send and receive the digital cash without any fees. It’ll reportedly be a stablecoin, meaning the digital currency is tied to the value of traditional money. It could launch as soon as this year.
Read more: Bloomberg, NYT, Business Insider

Wireless Sensors:  Parents are often unable to hold their premature babies because the infants are hooked up to monitors and covered in wires. Researchers are now working to fix the problem with stick-on wireless sensors without wires or batteries. More tests are needed for FDA approval.
Read more: AP, MIT Technology Review, Science
Martha Stewart & Pot:  Martha Stewart is adding pot-based products to her collection. Stewart is partnering with Canopy Growth, the largest pot producer in the world, to release a line of CBD-infused products for people and pets. CBD is extracted from cannabis, but it doesn’t actually get you high.
Read more: Fox Business
Gap & Old Navy Split:  Old Navy and Gap are splitting up to become two separate companies. Old Navy will be its own company, while Gap, Athleta, Banana Republic and others will be part of another one. Old Navy brings in about $8 billion per year, but Gap’s sales dropped by five percent last year.
Read more: CNN
Amazon Day:  Amazon Prime users can now pick when their packages get dropped off. Amazon’s new “Amazon Day” delivery option has an option to pick a day of the week for delivery; all of the packages from the week will be delivered on the day specified. The goal is to schedule delivery for when you’ll be home so packages don’t get stolen. It also means fewer trips, so it’s more sustainable and fits with Amazon’s plan to make half of all shipments net zero carbon by 2030.
Read more: TechCrunch
Biggest MLB Contract:  Free agent Bryce Harper just signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for $330 million. It’s the largest deal in Major League Baseball history. The contract is for 13 years and Harper can’t get out of it, assuming he passes his physical.
Read more: CBS Sports, ESPN

Lady Gaga: Quick reminder: A Star is Born is back in theaters this weekend with 12 extra minutes of footage. It's back on the big screen for one week only. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga responded to the rumors about her and Bradley Cooper being "in love." ICYMI: watch her chat with Jimmy Kimmel here.
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Dr. Seuss Book:  A new Dr. Seuss book will be available on September 3. He started the book before he died in 1991, but it wasn’t finished. An illustrator has now completed the text. The Grinch and the Cat in the Hat will make appearances in the new book called Horse Museum.
Read more: USA Today