theNewsWorthy: Tuesday, December 4th, 2018


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Former President George H.W. Bush: Americans continue to pay their respects today while the 41st president's casket is in public view at the U.S. Capitol. Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump also paid their respects, and Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a ceremony. Tomorrow will be a 'Day of Mourning,' so the federal government and the stock market will be closed.
Read more: The Hill, AP, USA Today, FOX News, CNN, Newsweek

Shutdown Deadline: Due to the former president's death, lawmakers are expected to pass a measure this week to extend the government's current funding through Dec. 21st. It was originally set to expire at midnight Saturday morning (possibly prompting a gov't shutdown). Remember: President Trump had said he would be willing to allow a  government shutdown if Congress doesn't pass funding for a border wall. Now, it seems that fight over funding will be pushed back.
Read more: The Hill, WSJ, Time

Trump's Tweets: President Trump praised a longtime adviser, Roger Stone, for refusing to talk to prosecutors in the Russia investigation. Some experts say his tweets could be 'witness tampering.' Others aren't so sure.
Read more: The Washington Post, NBC News

Quora Data Breach: The question-and-answer website, Quora, is notifying 100 million users about a data breach. The site says data like names, email addresses, passwords and actions on the site may have been compromised. 
Read more: Digital Trends, TechCrunch

5G Phones: Verizon and Samsung announced plans to release 5G-enabled smartphones in the first half of 2019 (5G is the latest high-speed mobile network), but there aren't many details about the actual phone yet. A report says Apple plans to wait until 2020.
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Amazon's Big Test: Amazon is apparently testing its cashier-less technology from its Amazon Go stores in a bigger space in Seattle. Some experts think if Amazon can get the tech right, it could be used to make Whole Foods stores check-out free. Buuttt there are no official plans for that right now.
Read more: WSJ

IKEA Shrinks: IKEA plans to open its first 'City-Center" store in the U.S. in Manhattan next spring. The company says it'll open 30 smaller stores around the world over the next three years. The stores will be much smaller than the current 300,000 sq. ft. showrooms.
Read more: CNBC, CNN

Tumblr, Starbucks Ban: The social blogging service, Tumblr, says it's banning all adult content starting later this month. And last week, Starbucks says it'll block x-rated content online from being seen on its public WiFi (starting next year).
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Apple's 'Best of 2018': YouTube was the #1 most-downloaded free iPhone app of 2018. Fornite was the top free iPhone game. Drake topped the lists for top albums and top songs. See a few of the full lists here.
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