theNewsWorthy: Monday, December 3rd, 2018


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All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing the latest happenings...

George H.W. Bush: Americans will be saying goodbye to former President George H.W. Bush late today through Wednesday during a public viewing at the Capitol. The 41st President of the United States died Friday at his home. He was 94. 
Read more: CBS News, NBC News, NYT, AP, The Hill

US-China Truce: The U.S. and China made a temporary deal during the G-20 Summit over the weekend. They agreed on a 90-day truce on trade. They'll hold off on plans for more tariffs so they have more time to negotiate a more permanent deal.
Read more: Time, AP

New NAFTA Signed: President Trump signed the new version of the NAFTA deal, which he now calls the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Even though all three leaders signed the new trade agreement, Congress still has to give it a thumbs up, and there's no guarantee. President Trump says he plans to formally get rid of the old policies so lawmakers have only two choices: approve the new deal or don't have any trade deal in place. 
Read more: The Hill, Bloomberg, Reuters

Paris Riots: It's being called the worst urban riot in France in a decade. The weekend saw violent protests in and around Paris. Protesters upset about a new fuel tax set cars on fire and smashed store windows. Meetings between protest organizers and government officials are scheduled today.
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IL Tornadoes & AK Quake: A series of tornadoes hit Illinois over the weekend, while Alaska dealt with more than 1,000 aftershocks from a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on Friday. 
Read more: Earthquake: CNN, USA Today, AP// Tornadoes: AccuWeather, CNN

Historic Launch: SpaceX plans to launch its Falcon 9 rocket as soon as today, and it'll be the first time a reusable rocket launches into space three different times. Also of note: it's sending up some cremated remains of people who wanted to be up with the stars after they died. 
Read more:, CNN

Hotel Hack: Heads up: one of the biggest data breaches in history is affecting customers of Marriott's Starwood reservation system, possibly exposing personal info of 500 million guests. The compromised data might include everything from names and email addresses to passport numbers and credit card numbers.
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Box Office: The Disney movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, won the box office for the second weekend in a row. It's typically a quiet weekend for new releases after the Thanksgiving holiday.
Read more: Variety, THR

Most 'Influential' Movie: Researchers used a computer model to find what they call the most influential movie, and they say it's the Wizard of Oz
Read more: Newsweek

YouTube Record: Ariana Grande's latest music video of her single, Thank U, Next, broke YouTube's all time record for the most views in the first 24 hours of release. See it here.
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Happy Hanukkah!: Hanukkah started last night and today is the first full day of the Jewish holiday. It lasts through the evening of Dec. 10th.
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