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Asylum Ruling: A federal judge blocked President Trump’s order to ban anyone applying for asylum if they already illegally crossed the southern border. It was part of his plan to stop a caravan of Central American migrants heading to the U.S. border, but the judge said Trump doesn't have the power to change immigration laws (only Congress does). The ruling will likely be appealed so this isn't over yet.   
Read more: AP, NYT, WSJ

CA Rain + Wildfire:Heavy rain in the forecast for California brings both relief and new dangers after the recent wildfires. The burned areas are now prone to flooding and mudslides. There’s a flash flood watch today through Friday for the area devastated by the so-called “Camp Fire” in Northern California. The good part about rain in the area? Experts say it should end major fire concerns for the rest of the season.
Also, the Red Cross is opening up more shelters because many people who lost their homes are forced to stay in tents in a Walmart parking lot. The weather will also impact the ongoing search for human remains in burn areas.
Read more: CNN, AccuWeather

Romaine Recall: A new E. coli outbreak has been linked to romaine lettuce, so health officials in both the U.S. and Canada are telling people NOT to eat any romaine right now. Officials haven’t been able to narrow down the outbreak to one supplier yet. This is now the second outbreak this year linked to romaine lettuce.
Read more: NBC News, AP

David's Bridal Bankruptcy: David’s Bridal has filed for bankruptcy as part of a plan to cut its debt by more than $400 million. The Chapter 11 filing doesn’t mean the chain will shut down for now, but it will restructure the business. The industry has seen marriage rates fall since the 1980s, and of course, there’s a lot of new competition with online options for wedding dresses.
Read more: Bloomberg

Kroger's Robots: The grocery store giant Kroger is getting ready to build a high-tech, robotic warehouse. It's the first of a planned 20 facilities, and it'll go up in the grocer's hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. This move is in partnership with U.K.-based grocery chain Ocado. The warehouse will have robots that will be able to put together an order of 50 grocery items in just five minutes.
Read more: Reuters

Get Money to Move: The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is offering $10,000 in grant money for remote workers to move to the city for at least one year. The program, Tulsa Remote, serves to draw more tech workers and creative people to the city who could eventually help shape the tech community there. More and more cities are doing something similar to attract young professionals.
Read more: CNBC

Supersonic Plane:NASA and defense contractor Lockheed Martin are teaming up to produce an experimental supersonic plane. Their goal is to build an aircraft that can reach supersonic speed without the super loud sonic boom that typically results from breaking the sound barrier. They expect the new plane to only produce a noise in line with a car door closing. Test flights are set to start in 2021.
Read more: CNBC

Plane Bathrooms Shrinking:Newer planes on airlines like American, Delta and United have been made with smaller bathrooms -- just 24 inches wide, even smaller than a Porta Potty. These smaller bathrooms apparently free up enough space for six more passengers to fit on the plane, which means more ticket sales for airlines.
Read more: The Washington Post

Travel Deal Tuesday:Before you try to grab a good Black Friday deal for your next flight, you might consider this: there’s a growing trend for “Travel Deal Tuesday,” which is referring to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. An app called Hopper analyzed the data and found the most airline deals on that day in previous years. So, this coming Tuesday the 27th might be the best time to find flight deals.
Read more: NYT

Black Friday:The day after Thanksgiving, of course, is known for the best discounts of the year (maybe), so expect crowds if you plan on shopping. Some stores open the evening of Thanksgiving, like Best Buy, which opens at 5 p.m. on Thursday. Others, like Costco, are waiting until Friday. See a full list of stores and hours here -- or check out some Black Friday deals here and here.
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