theNewsWorthy: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018


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Chicago Shooting: A shooting at a Chicago hospital left two employees, a police officer and the shooter dead. Investigators say the shooter targeted the doctor but then opened fire inside. Also, police are looking for the shooter after someone opened fire in downtown Denver yesterday.
Read more: Reuters (Chicago), USA Today (Denver)

Ivanka Trump's Emails: A new report found President Trump's daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, sent emails about government business from her personal account. Her attorney confirmed she has in the past, but he said it's different than Hillary Clinton's emails. He said Ivanka Trump never sent classified info through the private server.
Read more: The Washington Post, USA Today, CNBC

Trump's Conflicts: CNN dropped its lawsuit against President Trump now that the White House gave back CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass. Also, Trump is facing some backlash after calling the Navy Seal who led the raid that killed Osama bin Laden a "Hillary Clinton fan" and talking about how they should have found bin Laden faster.
Read more: White House v. CNN: Bloomberg, CNN // Trump v. McRaven: FOX News, NBC News, AP

Dow Down: It's a tough time for tech stocks. The Dow fell nearly 400 points yesterday, and some of the biggest U.S. companies led the losses. Think: Facebook, Amazon and Apple.
Read more: WSJ, CNBC, NYT

Nissan Chairman Arrested: Nissan's shares are down after its chairman was not only fired, but also arrested in Japan. Carlos Ghosn was one of the car industry's highest-profile executives, but now he's accused of underreporting his compensation for years. 
Read more: WSJ, CBS News

Mars Mission: A new NASA probe is set to touch down on Mars next Monday and spend two years there. It already traveled millions of miles, but there's no guarantee the landing will work. The goal if it lands? Learn more about the interior of Mars. You can watch NASA's livestream during the landing on Monday, Nov. 26th. Stay tuned.
Read more: NBC News,, Watch Live on Monday

Organ Delivery Drones: Researchers at the University of Maryland are experimenting with using drones to deliver organs to hospitals for transplants, and so far, they say their first test using a kidney went well.
Read more: TechCrunch

NFL Record: Last night's game between the LA Rams and KC Chiefs was the highest-scoring Monday Night Football game ever and the third-highest score in any NFL game. Some are saying it was even the best-ever regular season game. The Rams won 54-51.
Read more: NBC Sports, USA Today, SBNation

YouTube Movies: YouTube is now offering dozens of full-length feature films to watch for FREE. The only catch? You have to watch some ads. Find movies like The Terminator, Legally Blonde and more under the Movies & Shows section.
Read more: Mashable, AdAge, TheStreet

Taylor Swift's Deal:Pop superstar Taylor Swift made an announcement on Instagram that she signed a new deal with Republic Records and Universal Music Group (UMG). Swift had plenty of power in the negotiations and said her main goal was to advocate for all artists.
Read more: Rolling Stone, Variety, Instagram