Friday, October 11th, 2019

Giuliani Associates Arrested, Fall Snow Storm & In-Car VR

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Story Summaries

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Giuliani Associates Arrested:
The FBI arrested two men for campaign finance violations, and the men have ties to President Trump's personal lawyer. They reportedly helped Rudy Giuliani push for an investigation into Trump's political rivals, though the indictment doesn't mention Giuliani and does not suggest President Trump did anything wrong. House Democrats have issued subpoenas for these two men to testify, and the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine is set to testify today.
Read more: WSJ, The Washington Post, NYT, ABC News, AP, CBS News

U.S.-China Trade Talks:
President Trump says he'll be talking with top officials from China today to work on a possible trade agreement. More tariffs are planned for next week, so stay tuned to see if they get delayed.
Read more: WSJ, CNBC, ABC News

Apple Pulls Controversial App:
Apple pulled a controversial mapping app, used to track protests and police in Hong Kong during ongoing protests there. Apple says helped people ambush police or commit crimes. The move comes after Chinese state media criticized Apple, so the app's developers are calling the decision to pull it politically-motivated.
Read more: WSJ, USA Today, CNN

Fall Snow Storm:
Heavy snow and record low temperatures are expected to hit the central U.S. this weekend, and may even break October snowfall records.
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Nobel Peace Prize:
Today, we will learn the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg as well as Ethiopia and New Zealand’s prime ministers are said to be frontrunners.
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WNBA Champs:
The Washington Mystics are WNBA Champions for the first time in franchise history.
Read more: CBS Sports

In-Car VR:
Holoride, a German tech startup, is testing out a virtual reality headset that passengers can wear in the back seat of a car. The headset will collect data, like speed and direction, to create a real time virtual environment. The public will get to test it out at Universal CityWalk Hollywood in LA next week.
Read more: The Verge, Financial Times, CNBC

Google Maps Walking Directions:
Google Maps will now come with a detailed voice guide for your walking directions. The feature is meant to make it easier for vision-impaired people, but it could also be useful if you don't want to look down while trying to find your way.
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Dogs Good for Health:
Two new studies from the American Heart Association say owning a dog is associated with an increased likelihood of living longer.
Read more: CBS News, USA Today