Thursday, October 10th, 2019

U.S. Ally Attacked, Montgomery Mayor & Uber Pet

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Impeachment Inquiry Update:
President Trump now says he will cooperate with the impeachment inquiry IF he and Republicans get a "fair shake." One of his demands is for the House to take a vote to formally launch the inquiry, but critics say it's not necessary. Also of note: it looks like the public is getting more on board with the idea of impeachment. A FOX News poll found more than half of voters now want Trump impeached and removed from office. Former VP Joe Biden also said, for the first time, that President Trump must be impeached.
Read mor: WSJ, FOX News, NYT, Washington Post, Politico, AP

U.S. Ally Attacked:
A major U.S. ally is now under attack in Syria, just days after President Trump pulled back U.S. troops in the area. Turkey has reportedly sent warplanes and troops across the border to attack Kurdish fighters in Syria, who have fought with American troops for years. President Trump says he doesn't support the attack, but he also defends his decision to remove troops.
Read more: AP, Fox News, Vox, NBC News, CNN, Washington Post

Synagogue Attack:
Two people were shot and killed outside a synagogue in Germany during Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism. The gunman has been arrested.
Read more: ABC News, NPR, Reuters, AP

Matt Lauer Allegations:
New details of the allegation against former 'Today' show host Matt Lauer have emerged. Brooke Nevils says Lauer raped her, but Lauer fired back saying it was a consensual affair.
Read more: Variety, Page Six, Reuters

Montgomery First Black Mayor:
History was just made. Steven Reed, a probate judge, was elected mayor of Montgomery, Alabama and will become the first black mayor in the city's 200 year history.
Read more: Axios, WSJ, NYT

CA Power Emergency:
PG&E is cutting off power to hundreds of thousands of customers this week in the hopes of preventing wildfires, impacting an estimated 2 million people. Now, Santa Clara county declared a state of emergency and cost estimates are more than $1 billion.
Read more: SF Chronicle, The Weather Channel, WSJ

MLB Playoffs:
We now know the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals will play each other in the National League Championship Series. Stay tuned for who will play the New York Yankees in the ALCS.
Read more: USA Today

Simone Biles Record:
Simone Biles broke another record this week and won her 21st medal at the World Gymnastic Championship. She is just two medals shy of the all-time record.
Read more: NBC Sports, ESPN

Target & Toys R Us:
The Toys 'R' Us website will re-launch with some help from Target. The site will include videos and articles about toy trends and reviews but will redirect you to to actually make a purchase. It comes a couple years after Toys 'R' Us filed for bankruptcy and shut down.
Read more: CNET, USA Today

Uber Pet:
Uber is testing out a new pet friendly feature, Uber Pet, but it'll cost you $3-5 more for your ride. Riders with pets will be asked to choose the feature to alert the drivers and give them an option to accept or decline. Service animals still ride for free.
Read more: CNET, USA Today

Thing To Know Thursday

Hyperloop Technology

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Today’s guest: Craig Hodgetts

Craig Hodgetts’s use of high technology and storytelling to invigorate his designs produces an architecture that embraces contemporary ideology, information culture and evolving lifestyles. With a broad-ranging background in theater arts, automotive engineering and architecture, Mithun | Hodgetts + Fung Partner Craig brings a singular synergy to the design of challenging environments. Craig has created legacy projects as well as celebrated case studies and exhibitions. He is a former professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and was a Founding Dean of the School of Design at the California Institute of the Arts. A prolific writer, he has contributed essays and observations to the Los Angeles Times and Cosmopolitan Magazine, as well as signature books on science fiction icon Syd Mead and architect James Stirling. He has been granted patents for a mobile logistics center, a prefabricated classroom and an evacuated tube structure for the Hyperloop system.