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Supreme Court Compromise?: Maybe a compromise is in the works... maybe? The woman accusing the current Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her when they were teens says she will testify next week (not on Monday), but she has some conditions first. The nominee says he wants the hearing ASAP so he can clear his name. He says the accusations aren't true. There's no final word yet on how the hearing will go down. Also, Yale's law school may be investigating new complaints connected to the nominee. Stay tuned.
Read more: NYTFOX NewsThe GuardianNBC News

Workplace Shootings: There were three workplace shootings in a matter of 24 hours this week. The latest happened at a drugstore warehouse in Maryland. Three people and the shooter died.
Read more: Baltimore SunCBS News

Trade War Fallout: So about those 1 million U.S. jobs the chairman of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba planned to bring to the U.S.? He's saying 'never mind.' Jack Ma says he made that promise a couple years ago based on friendly U.S.-China trade relations, but since trade tensions are likely to continue, he's backing out. 
Read more: ReutersCNBC

Dow, S&P 500 Records: The U.S.-China trade war didn't seem to impact Wall Street this week. The Dow and S&P 500 set record highs yesterday as a strong economy seems to outdo concerns about the trade war, at least for now.
Read more: WSJCNBCMarketWatch

Strawberry Needles: Some countries are hitting 'pause' on importing strawberries from Australia -- and it's for a bizarre reason. There's a problem with sewing needles showing up inside strawberries there. Officials are telling people to cut up their fruit before they eat it.
Read more: BBCCNN InternationalBusiness Insider

CA Straw Restrictions: California is now the first state to restrict restaurants from handing out plastic straws. Starting January 1st, customers will have to specially request them to get straws at dine-in restaurants in the state.
Read more: LA TimesUSA Today

Airline Baggage Fees: Airline baggage fees are going up. American Airlines is the latest to up the price by another $5 per bag. Now, there's a debate if the government should step in when it comes to those airline change fees.
Read more: WSJNYT

Best Airports: This year's "North America Airport Satisfaction Study" by J.D. Power is here. It found the best 'mega' airport is actually a tie between the airports in Las Vegas and Orlando. See the full list below:
Read more: USA Today

Amazon's New Devices: Amazon has announced new versions of its smart speakers and smart display as well as new devices for your home. Think: the smart plug, smart microwave and smart clock.
Read more: Digital TrendsBusiness InsiderTechCrunch

Gmail Privacy: Google apparently allows third-party apps to scan and share data in your Gmail accounts, but the company says it's only if the app explains what it does with the data and goes through a review. Lawmakers plan to question Google, Apple, AT&T and Twitter about privacy next week.
Read more: WSJCNNGoogle

Super Bowl Halftime Show: It looks like Maroon 5 will be the star of the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show. That's at least what sources told Variety. No official word yet.
Read more: VarietyBillboard

Ashura: Muslims around the world are observing Ashura today. It started last night and ends this evening.
Read more: The SunExpressDailyMail

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