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Florence Flooding: The storm is gone, but the flooding is not. Officials in the Carolinas say the sun may be out, but the danger is still there. Thousands are still in shelters and thousands don't have power. President Trump toured the area yesterday and thanked first responders. At least 36 people have died now.
Read more: APReutersCNNWSJ

Decision Deadline: A deadline has been set for a decision from the woman accusing the Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault. The Senate Judiciary Committee says Christine Blasey Ford has until Friday (tomorrow) to decide if she'll testify at a planned hearing on Monday. She wants an FBI investigation first. The nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, says the assault never happened.
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Mark Cuban Apology: Dallas Mavericks owner (and Shark Tank star) Mark Cuban apologized and got emotional on ESPN. He says he didn't know about the sexual misconduct involving his employees, but he should have, and now he's pledging $10 million to women's organizations.
Read more: ESPNReuters

Scam Calls Surge: Sorry to say, but it sounds like nearly half of all cell phone calls next year will come from scammers. A caller ID technology company says there's already been a big uptick this year, and it's about to get worse. Experts say there needs to be better tech to block them.
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High-Tech Car Convenience: Your car is trying to become more like your phone. More and more car companies are teaming up with retailers and other businesses to offer options on the dashboard's touch-screen display. Think: pre-order coffee and pay for gas from the driver's seat. Merchants pay the car companies. Safety experts are are seriously concerned about distracted driving.
Read more: WSJ

Amazon Go & Scout: Amazon's convenience stores with no cashiers or checkout lines may be coming to your city soon. A new report says Amazon is thinking about opening 3,000 new Amazon Go stores over the next few years. Also, Amazon seems to be testing out a new feature called "Scout" that asks you to  or  products so it can make better suggestions for browsing.
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"The Kelly Clarkson Show" & More: Singer, songwriter, American Idol winner and coach from The Voice will now add "talk show host" to her resume. Kelly Clarkson says she's getting her own daytime talk show starting next fall.  Also, magician Shin Lim wonAmerica's Got Talent. Plus: the new season of the popular podcast Serial begins today.
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/ America’s Got Talent America’s Got TalentUSA Today / Serial Podcast Serial




What it takes to feed people well after a hurricane

Read more: World Central Kitchen, Eater, CNN


Interview with Nate Mook from World Central Kitchen

Nate Mook is currently serving as Interim Executive Director for World Central Kitchen, the non-profit organization founded by Chef José Andrés to leverage the expertise of chefs and implement smart solutions to hunger and poverty. Nate is helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and helped create and lead the #ChefsForPuertoRico effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria that has served more than 3.5 million meals to people in need across Puerto Rico.

World Central Kitchen was recently named the world's second most innovative company in Food by Fast Company.

Chef  José Andrés  works with his nonprofit World Central Kitchen to help after Hurricane Florence.

Chef José Andrés works with his nonprofit World Central Kitchen to help after Hurricane Florence.


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