Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

NOAA Investigation, Apple Event & Wave to Pay

All the news you need in less than 10 min:

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Story Summaries

All the news stories mentioned in today's episode are listed with links below, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- time as you want perusing the latest happenings...

LISTEN at 00:32 - NOAA Investigation
The acting chief scientist at the federal agency, NOAA (which oversees the National Weather Service), is investigating if the agency broke policies and ethics by backing President Trump. Before Hurricane Dorian hit the U.S. mainland, Trump had insisted there was a high chance it could hit Alabama and even showed an altered map of its path. So, some meteorologists said on Twitter -- that's not true. Then, NOAA sent out an unsigned statement that seemed to side with the president and contradict its own scientists. Now, the agency’s acting chief scientist, and others, are investigating.
Read more: Washington Post, NYT, NBC News, Axios

LISTEN at 2:24 - Capsized Cargo Ship:
The U.S. Coast Guard rescued all four crew members who were trapped inside a capsized cargo ship for more than 36 hours. They were taken to a hospital but said to be in good condition. The ship flipped and caught fire off the coast of Georgia over the weekend.
Read more: ABC News, AP, Washington Post

LISTEN at 3:00 - Brexit Update:
British lawmakers are now on a five-week suspension with the deadline for Brexit right around the corner. They’re no closer to coming up with a Brexit deal, but it's now officially law that a no-deal Brexit is not allowed.
Read more: The Guardian, NYT, BBC, CBS News

LISTEN at 3:44 - British Airways Strike:
British Airways has canceled most of its flights for a second day in a row due to a pilot strike. Thousands of travelers have been impacted so far. Another strike is planned for September 27th. Impacted passengers can rebook or get a refund on the British Airways website.
Read more (British Airways Strike): Fox News, NPR

LISTEN at 4:23 - FDA Warning on Juul:
The FDA says the e-cigarette company Juul ignored the law when the company claimed vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes, since there’s no scientific evidence. Juul is also accused of directly targeting kids through social media. The company must now respond to the FDA's questions within two weeks. Juul says it’s cooperating.
Read more: WSJ, TechCrunch

LISTEN at 4:57 - Google Investigation:
A new investigation into Google is looking at possible antitrust violations. Fifty attorneys general are working to find out if Google has become too big and leaving no room for competition in the market. Several state attorneys general are also launching another investigation into Facebook for similar reasons.
Read more: CBS News, Engadget, CNBC, AP

LISTEN at 7:01 - Apple Event:
Apple is expected to unveil its latest iPhone and other upgraded devices at the company’s annual event, which will be streamed live at 10:00 a.m. PT. Apple will likely announce three new iPhone models, new Apple Watch models, new iPads and a 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop. For the first time, the event will be on YouTube (which is owned by rival, Google).
Read more: CNET, The Verge, TIME

LISTEN at 7:53 - VW's New Electric Car:
Volkswagen will soon have a brand-new logo and an electric car. The ID.3 is the first model in VW’s new all-electric ID brand. For now, the ID.3 will only be sold in Europe but VW is expected to reveal a different electric model for North America by the end of next year.
Read more: TechCrunch, CNET, Bloomberg, CNN

LISTEN at 8:50 - Amazon Jobs:
Amazon has a lot of jobs to fill: 30,000 by next year! So, the company is holding job fairs in Virginia, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville and Seattle. Positions range from software engineers to warehouse workers.
Read more: CNBC, Fortune, CBS News

LISTEN at 9:19 - Wave to Pay:
Shoppers at Whole Foods may soon be able to buy their groceries with just a wave of a hand. The company is working on a scanning technology that will scan customers’ hands (no touching the device necessary) and link purchases to their Amazon accounts. For now, employees are testing it out but the tech could go into stores by next year.
Read more: Digital Trends, New York Post