Monday, September 9th, 2019

Taliban Talks Canceled, Dorian Aftermath & Missing Spacecraft

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LISTEN at 0:30 Taliban Talks Canceled

  • The Trump administration was supposed to meet with negotiators from the Taliban in a secret meeting yesterday, but President Trump canceled at the last minute.

Read more: Washington Post, AP, ABC New, NYT

LISTEN at 2:26 Hurricane Dorian Update

  • Hurricane Dorian made landfall over North Carolina on Friday and then hit Canada's East Coast over the weekend. The storm has since been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone. It left behind extensive damage in the Bahamas, where the death toll is up to 44 and expected to continue to rise.

Read more (Canada): AP, Vox, The Weather Channel, CBS News
Read more (Bahamas Aftermath):
ABC News

LISTEN at 3:43 Hong Kong's Request

  • During another weekend of protests, demonstrators in Hong Kong carried U.S. flags and even sang the U.S. national anthem in an effort to ask President Trump and Congress for help. They want U.S. lawmakers to pass a bill that would mean certain penalties against the government if basic freedoms aren’t provided.

Read more: CNN, WSJ

LISTEN at 4:33 Sports News

  • NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is leaving the Oakland Raiders after he clashed with the team's GM and coach, and then he signed with the New England Patriots just hours later.

  • Canadian singles tennis player Bianca Andreescu won the U.S. Open and became the first Canadian singles tennis player to win it. But her win meant a tough loss for Serena Williams.

  • Rafael Nadal won the men’s U.S. Open in a close final match.

Read more (Antonio Brown): ESPN, Fox News
Read more (Women’s U.S. Open): CBC, Yahoo Sports, CBS Sports
Read more (Men’s U.S. Open): ESPN, CBS Sports

LISTEN at 6:39 India Lunar Landing

  • India's lunar lander went missing Friday but has since been located. Scientists found it on the surface of the moon using thermal imaging, but its condition is still unknown.

Read more: NPR,, Engadget

LISTEN at 7:20 Fairphone 3

  • The Fairphone 3 is a new smartphone meant to be a “sustainable” device that should be kept for years. The mantra is to "repair, don't replace." It was just released in Europe.

Read more: TechCrunch, The Verge

LISTEN at 7:51 Movie News

  • IT Chapter Two debuted at number one at the box office this weekend. Angel Has Fallen fell to second place, and Good Boys took third.

  • Though it’s not in the U.S. yet, the film based on Mr. Rogers had its world premiere over the weekend. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and will open in theaters in the U.S. starting November 22nd.

Read more (Box Office): AP
Read more (World Premier): USA Today

LISTEN at 8:20 "Monday Mondays"

  • A new trend among young Americans = wedding loans. Online lenders say they're issuing up to four times as many wedding loans than even a year ago.

Read more: The Washington Post