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Big Tech Hearing: Top execs from Facebook and Twitter will be answering lawmakers' questions today on Capitol Hill. It'll be about how they're handling foreign influence on U.S. politics happening on their platforms. Google's CEO was asked to come but RSVPed no thanks.(Read more: NBC NewsTechCrunchCNN)

Kavanaugh Day 2: It's day two of confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh (President Trump's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court). Day one got heated. Democrats tried to get the hearing postponed because of documents released last-minute the night before. But it didn't work. Hearings will continue through the week...
(Read more: APNPRFOX News)

Woodward's Book: The White House calls it "nothing more than fabricated stories." A new book by veteran journalist Bob Woodward quotes top Trump officials saying extremely negative things about their boss (aka Trump). The book comes out next week but is already #1 on Amazon's best-sellers list.
(Read more: The Washington PostCBS NewsThe Hill)

New Members of Congress: Another upset in the Democratic primaries this year. Voters in Massachusetts chose Ayanna Pressley over the congressman that's had the U.S. House seat for ten terms. With no Republican on the ballot in November, she's set to become the first black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress. Also, the governor of Arizona named Jon Kyl to fill the vacant seat of the late Sen. John McCain -- at least until January.
(Read more: Ayanna Pressley The GuardianNYT // John McCain’s Successor: AZCentralABC News)

Tropical Storm & Typhoon: Tropical Storm Gordon is taking its toll. Streets are flooded and thousands don't have power in Alabama. Governors in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi declared states of emergency. A child died in Florida when a tree fell. Also, Japan was hit with the strongest typhoon in 25 years. More than a million people had to evacuate.
(Read more: Tropical Storm The Weather ChannelAPTIME // Typhoon: BBC)

Kids & Concussions: New government guidelines say no need for X-rays and blood tests after a child gets a concussion. Rest is most important -- unless there are serious symptoms, like vomiting. The new CDC guidelines offer 19 recommendations for healthcare professionals. 
(Read more: JAMACNNABC NewsAP)

Amazon Hits $1,000,000,000,000: Amazon became a $1 trillion company. It's only the second U.S. company to hit that milestone. Remember: Apple did it a month ago. Also, the third and largest Amazon Go store just opened in Seattle.
(Read more: VentureBeatCNBCWSJTechCrunch)

Electric SUVs: More luxury car companies are coming out with fully-electric SUVs and taking on Tesla. From Mercedes-Benz and Audi to BMW and Jaguar. Government regulations around the world may also be influencing these decisions.
(Read more: WIREDBusiness Insider)

Skype Recording: Skype's newest feature allows you to record video calls right on the platform. It'll give everyone on the call a notification when the call recorder is on.
(Read more: TechCrunch)

Ruby Slippers Returned: The ruby slippers from the classic movie, Wizard of Oz, were stolen 13 years ago from a Minnesota museum, but authorities found the slippers this summer. They used an undercover operation. Police say, for the slippers, "There's no place like home." 
(Read more: CNN)

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