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Confirmation Hearing: The confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh begins today. He's President Trump's pick to become the newest U.S. Supreme Court Justice. He'll need a majority of votes in the Senate to get confirmed.(Read more: APFOX NewsUSA Today)

Trade Talks & Tweets: President Trump wants a revised NAFTA deal within 90 days -- with Canada or not. President Trump faced criticism from the head of the largest U.S. labor union and hit back with a tweet (on Labor Day). Trade talks with Mexico and Canada continue tomorrow.
(Read more: CNBCWSJNBC NewsFOX News

Cali Net Neutrality: The FCC may have gotten rid of federal net neutrality rules, but states are pushing back. California lawmakers just passed what some are calling the nation's toughest net neutrality rules. The question is: will it hold up in court if the federal government sues?
(Read more: CNETThe VergeCNN

Tropical Storm Gordon: Tropical Storm Gordon is expected to turn into a hurricane. It already affected Florida and may be worse for the Central Gulf Coast.
(Read more: AccuWeather

Afghanistan Attack: It's the second "insider attack" in Afghanistan in two months. A U.S. service member was killed and another hurt by the same Afghan forces they're there to train.
(Read more: FOX NewsNYT

Brazil Museum Burns: It's one of the most esteemed museums in Latin America, but now it's gone. A fire destroyed Brazil's National Museum and likely also ruined more than 20 million pieces of history.
(Read more: CNNReuters)

Colleges Match Tuition: Some colleges and universities are using a 'price-match guarantee' to help recruit high-achievement students and, in some cases, change perceptions about the affordability of private schools.
(Read more: WSJ)

U.S. Open Upset: Another big upset at the U.S. Open. John Millman beat five-time U.S. Open champ Roger Federer. 
(Read more: ESPNU.S. Open)

Nike + Colin Kaepernick: Nike is celebrating its 30th anniversary of the "Just do it" campaign, and one of people featured is Colin Kaepernick. He's the former NFL quarterback who kneeled during the National Anthem before games. He's now suing the NFL owners.
(Read more: ESPNTwitter (see ad))

Twitter Chat Changes: Twitter is testing a couple features that might make it look a bit more like Facebook. Instead of individual tweet replies, a test group may notice an entire comment thread. There may also be a green light to show someone's online status.
(Read more: The VergeTwitterDailyMail)

Crazy Rich Asians: The movie Crazy Rich Asians hit #1 at the box office for the third weekend in a row!
(Read more: THRBloomberg)


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