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Trump vs. Google: President Trump had harsh words for Google, so now a top official says the administration is "taking a look" at federal regulations for Google. Trump tweeted search results are 'RIGGED" and bring up too many negative stories about him. Google says, not true.(Read more: TwitterNew York PostWSJUSA TodayFOX News)

Primary Upset: It's an unexpected win that made history: Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum won the Democratic nomination for Florida's governor and became the first black candidate for that top spot. He'll face Rep. Ron DeSantis, who has President Trump's endorsement, in November.
(Read more: The HillCBS NewsCNN)

Hurricane Report: The official death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico just went way up. It's now nearly 3,000. Independent researchers found the September storm and its aftermath had a much greater impact than originally thought or reported. The original number was 64. 
(Read more: APNYTFOX News)

Heat Wave: A heat wave has been impacting states from the Midwest to the Northeast this week. Boston and Philadelphia, for example, will feel like 100+ degrees today. Don't worry: it should cool down by the end of the week! 
(Read more: ABC NewsCBS News)

Bees in NYC: Speaking of the heat: it caused tens of thousands of bees to swarm parts of Times Square, and specifically take interest in a hot dog stand. Turns out: the NYPD has beekeepers on staff who took care of it.
(Read more: CNN)

Toy Store Returns: FAO Schwarz is coming back. The iconic NYC toy store closed in 2015 but is now planning to open a new location in Rockefeller Center. The focus will be on an experience - with magicians, dressed-up characters and dancers for that famous big piano. It's set to open in November.
(Read more: WSJ)

Dunkin': It's just Dunkin' from now on (not Dunkin' Donuts), at least at some stores. TBD if the name will permanently change across the country. It's part of a bigger rebranding plan that also includes cold brew coffee on tap.
(Read more: Business Insider)

Rotten Tomatoes: The movie reviews website says its adding podcasts and video reviews to its mix of scores determining if a movie is 'certified fresh' or 'rotten.' The company hopes to have more diverse voices by allowing freelance and self-published critics to be involved. 
(Read more: Entertainment Weekly

House of Cards: A brother-sister duo played by Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear are new characters on the Netflix show's final season, and they're being compared to a couple of real life political powerhouses: the Koch brothers. The final episodes drop November 2nd. 
(Read more: Variety)


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