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NAFTA Negotiations: The U.S. and Mexico struck a deal to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) but left out Canada. Today, the U.S. negotiates more with Canada, but the pressure is on. President Trump even threatened to call it just the 'U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement' if Canada doesn't agree to certain terms by Friday. Stay tuned...   (Read more: WSJReuters)

Sen. McCain's Final Statement: Sen. John McCain, who died over the weekend, left behind a farewell statement. He thanked his fellow Americans for the privilege to serve the country.  He then said we weaken our greatness "when we hide behind walls..." Also, there was controversy over the White House flag. It was sent back to full height but later returned to half-staff after some some backlash.   
(Read more: WSJ (full statement)FOX NewsCNNNBC NewsAP

Student Loan Official Resigns: The top student loan official and 'watchdog' in the U.S. just stepped down and made his reason clear: he thinks the Trump administration "has turned its back on young people and their financial futures." The administration has said the office is overreaching.
(Read more: NPRPBS

Shooting Update: Authorities say the shooter who killed two others and himself in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend was targeting other players at the video game tournament and has been in the hospital for mental illness in the past. The gaming company EA canceled other similar events to review safety protocols. 
(Read more: APEA Statement

U.S. Open: It's the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Open, and this year started with a 'historic' upset. Simona Halep became the first number one seeded woman to lose her opening match. All eyes were also on Serena Williams, who missed last year's U.S. Open to give birth. This year, she won the opening round. To be continued...
(Read more: CBS SportsAP

'Printing' Antibiotics: They work sort-of like regular ink printers, but they dispense combinations of drugs, instead. The CDC bought HP BioPrinters in the hopes of speeding up the process to test effective antibiotics and stop so-called 'superbugs.' 
(Read more: TechCrunchEngadget

Toyota + Uber: Toyota is apparently investing $500 million in Uber. The plan? Uber self-driving tech will go in Toyota Sienna minivans. Those minivans are expected to be on the roads for Uber as a pilot program in 2021.
(Read more: TechCrunchWSJ

New Apple iPhones: Another report says to expect Apple to launch THREE new iPhones next month. It won't be a brand new design, like last year with the iPhoneX, but expect a wide variety of prices and features.
(Read more: Bloomberg

Spotify's 'Songs of the Summer': The list is here: the most streamed songs of the 2018 summer. Number one on the list is Drake's 'In My Feelings' (think: "Kiki, do you love me?"). It was streamed more than 393 million times in less than three months.
(Read more: Spotify)


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