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President Trump has changed his tune a bit. He’s now saying he misspoke during this week’s joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that he has “full faith” in U.S. intelligence services.

Remember, President Trump faced a bunch of criticism this week for seeming to question U.S. intelligence officials who said Russia definitely interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Instead, Trump gave credit to Putin’s denial.
Well, now President Trump said he messed up a word during the news conference with Putin. He apparently meant to say wouldn't when he said, “I don’t see any reason why it would be Russia.”
Some lawmakers said they’re relieved the president clarified his comments. Supporters say more of the focus needs to be on the other issues discussed as well as the sanctions that are still in place against RussiaCritics don’t buy it and say there were a lot of concerning things the president said that weren’t addressed.
So what now? CNN is reporting Russian officials have announced they’re ready to move forward with agreements made during the private meeting between presidents: issues surrounding Syria and international agreements. No word from U.S. officials about that just yet. To be continued.
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It’s being called the European Union’s largest trade deal ever and it's with Japan.
CNBC reports the deal gets rid of about 99 percent of the tariffs on Japanese goods sold to the EU and about 94 percent of tariffs on European exports to Japan.
Of course this deal lowers tariffs while the U.S. has increased tariffs on its trading partners.


The U.S. Coast Guard is changing the rules in Hawaii and is no longer allowing any boats to get within 1,000 feet of the Kilauea Volcano. Why? A so-called “lava bomb” hit a sightseeing boat and hurt nearly two dozen people this week.
CBS News spoke with people on the boat who were burned from flying hot rocksOne rock even went through the boat’s metal roof. 

When lava from Kilauea hits the ocean, it can cause explosions. The volcano has been erupting for more than two months now.
Read moreAPCBS News


Jupiter has even more moons than we thought. Vox reports astronomers found ten more, bringing the total to 79 moons.

Astronomers say these newly-discovered moons in Jupiter’s orbit are pretty small, but advancing technology is letting us find them now. They say the more we can understand about them, the better we’ll understand our entire Solar System.
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A new study looked at teens and tech, and the results aren’t greatThe study found teens who use digital media frequently have an increased risk of ADHD symptoms, which can include having a hard time concentrating. To be clear: the study doesn’t prove tech causes ADHD, but it shows there may be a link.
The study followed 2,500 teens over two years and looked at their tech usage and symptoms. The Wall Street Journal says it was the first study of its kind to follow so many teens for two years.

Scientists say studies like this are important to better understand how video games, streaming video, and social media might impact developing brains. Of course, more research is needed.
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Walmart’s own video streaming service to compete with Netflix? It might happen, at least according to The Information. The news outlet cited sources that Walmart is at least thinking about it, but there's no confirmation at this point.
The report says Walmart would consider a lower price point of $8 a month, and maybe even a free, ad-supported video service. Netflix now charges at least $10.99 a month.
Variety says Walmart already has its hand in entertainment. It owns a movie-streaming service called Vudu, which offers movies to rent, buy or watch for free with ads. TBD if the Walmart version of Netflix actually becomes a reality.
Read more: The InformationVariety


The Girl Scouts just added 30 new badges about STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The girls can now earn badges for things like learning to code, designing robots and taking part in a NASA space program.
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The popular co-working space WeWork just announced a controversial new plan to give up all meat. Bloomberg reports the company will no longer serve red meat, chicken, or pork at any company events and won’t reimburse employees for meals that include meat.
WeWork says it’s to be environmentally friendly. A co-founder pointed to research that found avoiding meat lowers someone’s impact on the environment. Employees and members are still allowed to bring meat in if they pay for it themselves, and fish is still considered okay.

Bloomberg wonders if this is about WeWork’s brand-building by getting behind a cause.
Read more: BloombergTechCrunch


The ESPY Awards are on tonightESPY stands for “Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly" and categories include everything from Best Athlete to Best Olympic Moment.
The host this year is Danica Patrick. She’s the race car driver who just retired in May. Of course, other celebrities and athletes will be there. The ESPYs start at 5 P.M. Pacific tonight on ABC.
While we’re talking sports: The American League won the All-Star gamelast night.
They beat the National League 8-6. CBS Sports says there was an All-Star game record of 10 home runs!
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